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Maestros Leadership Team (@maestros_leadership) Instagram Profile Photomaestros_leadership
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Maestros Leadership Team

Bio A coalition of young social, technical and commercial leaders called Maestros. Together, we solve persistent global challenges that limit communities.

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Maestros Leadership Team (@maestros_leadership) Instagram Profile Photomaestros_leadership

Maestros Leadership Team

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PRESIDENT BARACK & ALIKO DANGOTE LEARNING ABOUT MAESTROS VISIONThe CEO of #teammaestroshad a meeting with President Barack Obama and the Richest son of Africa, where they are helping President Barack to shape the Obama Foundation. "To be of good quality, you have to excuse yourself from the presence of shallow and negative minded individuals and learn from those who have been where you are heading. My Motto is, Encourage yourself, believe in your vision, love God, love people and love yourself. Never doubt who you are.WATCH WHAT GRACE CAN DO" - @brocharliz#teammaestros

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YALI Fellow 2016

Wow man. Just wow

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TODAYS MOTIVATION: 3 CLASSES OF PEOPLE.1. CRITICS - with this economy... with this government... with this boss... with this weather... with this problem of electricity... NOTHING CAN BE PRODUCTIVE. - Imagine, I just can't stand that girl who is always busy posting about her new shipments as if she is the only one in town supplying those gadgets2. TALKERS - I am going to be so serious with my new year resolutions, I have got big plans for next year.3. DOERS - Hello sir, I just registered the company I told you about last week Monday, I am now meeting the graphic designer and website developer you recommended.CHOOSE YOUR CLASS #checkmate- Charles Miracle Lipenga The Maestro.


AFRICAN UNION HONOURS & CELEBRATES 4 YOUNG AFRICAN HEROESDuring the 6th AU Annual High level meeting, Her Excellency Minata S. Cessouma (The African Union commissioner -DPA) held the hands high of the 4 young leaders whose stories reflected the resilience and courage of these Young Minds to restore Human values. #dgtrends1. Charles Lipenga: CEO Maestros Leadership Team (Malawi)2. Blena Sahilu: Yellow Movement. (Ethiopia)3. Gwendolyn Myers: Founder, Messengers of Peace. (Liberia)4. John Armah: Co-founder Orios Group. (Ghana)

The African Union asked sir Charles Lipenga to int 1665339860368463269

The African Union asked sir Charles Lipenga to introduce the concept of Maestros Leadership Team during the 6th Annual High level dialogue in Pretoria, RSA


SIR CHARLES LIPENGA ASKED TO SPEAK AT THE AFRICAN UNION 6TH ANNUAL HIGH LEVEL MEETING WITHH.E Jacob Zuma -President of the Republic of South AfricaH.E John Dramani Mahama-Former President, Republic of GhanaH.E Catherine Samba-Panza-Former President, Central Africa RepublicSpecial Honour from the African Union - to invite our CEO @brocharlizto speak before African presidents and global leaders at the "Sixth Annual High-Level Dialogue on Democracy, Human Rights and Governance in Africa: Trends, Challenges, and Prospects" in Pretoria, South Africa from December 6 - 8, 2017.LET'S DO THIS AFRICA

The Distribution of 1000 uniforms/ year in primary 1662294965391049672

The Distribution of 1000 uniforms/ year in primary schools is one of our commitments to promote #sdg4, 5 &10: Promoting equal access to Quality education for all.The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and 169 related targets address the most important economic, social, environmental, and governance challenges of our time.#teammaestros#globalgoals


BIG UPS to the Terminator @schwarzenegger& The amazing @leonardodicapriofor the great support for the #climateactionmovement.LET'S DO THIS GLOBALLY#teammaestros#globalgoals


WHY MAESTROS PLEDGE THEIR PLANS:#1TO BECOME MORE PROACTIVEWithout proper planning we would not be ready to respond to challenges. Hence we become reactive.Planning ahead helps you become proactive. By becoming proactive, you will be able to take the right action in the face of challenge and adversity. As a result, you welcome change because you are ready for any type of challenge.When you are proactive, you respond to situations rather than reacting to them.#teammaestros#globalgoals

DAEYANG UNIVERSITY JOINS MAESTROS LEADERSHIP TEAM "Daeyang University in #malawihas the mission to produce graduates that have an impact to society both physicallythrough skills and also spiritually by having a heart of love, kindness, and faith which will help make good decisions for people and communities.Many people here at Daeyang University were looking for a platform to make ameaningful contribution to the world and make this dream fulfilled, and I am sure that having Maestros team at our university will make this much successful and easier to implement." - Finlyson Msiska (Chapter Coordinator)#teammaestros#globalgoals

LET'S DO THIS IS A TEAMWORK MINDSETThere is immense power when a group of people with similar interests gets together to work toward the same goals.Alone you can do so little; together we do so much.#mustmaestros#teammaestros

MAGU MAESTROS TRAINING SESSION.For us, we are driven by two main philosophies:1. Know more today about the world than we knew yesterday and2. Lessen the suffering of others.You'd be surprised how far that gets you. LET'S DO THIS GLOBALLY #teammaestros