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800RecoveryHub (@800recoveryhub) Instagram Profile Photo800recoveryhub


Honest and Willing⠀RARELY HAVE we seen a person f 1669417933787802527

Honest and Willing⠀RARELY HAVE we seen a person fail who has thoroughly followed our path. Those who do not recover are people who cannot or will not, completely give themselves to this simple program, usually men and women who are constitutionally incapable of being honest with themselves.

Allison (@astylebook) Instagram Profile Photoastylebook


Hi, I’m Allison and I’m in recovery... This photo1669406046374751142

Hi, I’m Allison and I’m in recovery... This photo was taken by a person appointed to keep myself on track to get better and work with me to enjoy things, and above all, myself. Told me she’d take a picture so I would remember this moment because it was a particularly tough one but worlds from the worst.Will share on Friday more on how you can help anyone in recovery through the holidays. It can be the toughest for those suffering from addiction... so anything helps! ️

Jacqui Hathaway Levin (@jacqui_hathaway) Instagram Profile Photojacqui_hathaway

Jacqui Hathaway Levin

Good evening @the_oam has a new post on the blog(c 1669405710502715474

Good evening @the_oamhas a new post on the blog(click the link in my bio) This is something I finished today after a writing cleanse. The sticky parts surfaced and I spent the past few days in pieces. I wrote this in small doses to make sure it was honest. It took a little while to unlock, but I finally found some kind of peace in a very closed and narrow place in my heart. [Keep expanding]. Maybe this will help you find peace someplace in your heart with yourself & your loved ones. Family

|| SONDER || Whenever I ride the L, I like to go s 1669382158009249555

|| SONDER || Whenever I ride the L, I like to go sans-headphones and listen in on other people’s lives.•“Teddy. Yo, Teddy!”“Oh, hey, girl.Where you going?”“Take a test”“Oh shit, girl. Good luck.That’s where I’m going, too”“Nah, mine is for school. I’ll be fine though. Just get nervous.Yea my life looks a lot different when I’m doing something with it, huh?Kid, changed my life. Best thing”•This. Fucking. Crushed. Me.Change is SO hard. Especially when you have seen the lowest low. It seems damn near impossible to get out. It doesn’t help when people continue to attach you to your past transgressions and underestimate your worth and capabilities. But it is also,So. Fucking. Worth. It.For those struggling, hang on. Little by little you can rebuild a more solid foundation and life. It is by nooooo means easy. You will be tried and judged every day. But YOU are the one who ultimately gets to decide your sentence. Learn to forgive yourself. Move on.

Theodore Germanos, MD (@livingaboveaddiction) Instagram Profile Photolivingaboveaddiction

Theodore Germanos, MD

Visit our website to read 1669387370649516968

Visit our website to read our blog and learn more about how we can help you or a loved one overcome any addiction.#recoveryispossible#sober#sobriety#soberlife#addictionrecovery#mentalhealth#drugfree#sandiego#losangeles#california#veteran#supportourtroops#intervention#partysober#li

ChasingNirvanaClean (@chasingnirvanaclean) Instagram Profile Photochasingnirvanaclean


Find Your Path innovation in an outreach recovery1669382132584990057

Find Your Path innovation in an outreach recovery network in Rochester, NY. Follow them on Facebook for a great model to do in your own community. Recovery is possible. I'm honored to know these people. #rocovery#chasingnirvanaclean#rochesterny#buffalony#syracuse#recovery#rehab#recoveryisworthit#findyourpath#outreach#communityoutreach#addiction#addictionrecovery#peermentor#12steps#healing#life#love#faith#forgiveness#gratitude#appreciation#family#compassion#empathy

Resort 12 (@resort12rehab) Instagram Profile Photoresort12rehab

Resort 12

Meet the LGBTQ community's newest allies in the ef 1669367044432007965

Meet the LGBTQ community's newest allies in the effective treatment of addiction and trauma: The Resort 12 team! This is one of our Principal Counsellors, Sandi James.#lgbtq#lgbt#lgbti#addiction#addictions#recovery#mentalillness#menatlwellness#addictionrecovery#livepowerful

The Hader Clinic (@hader_clinic) Instagram Profile Photohader_clinic

The Hader Clinic

Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an ext 1669366586404721396

Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny - C.S Lewis•Together, we can recover - call us today 1800 883 388•#addiction#treatment#rehab#recovery#people#alcohol#addictionrecovery#drugs#addictiontreament#sober#family#life#happiness#love#addictionunplugged#thehaderclinic#unity

Suasth One Step Clinic (@suasthonestepclinics) Instagram Profile Photosuasthonestepclinics

Suasth One Step Clinic

Addiction is a serious disease but one that can be 1669366552197008876

Addiction is a serious disease but one that can be overcome, nevertheless.. It is possible for a complete recovery through a combination of determination, therapy and love. Reach out to Suasth One Step for a comprehensive drug rehabilitation program at +91 22 23643264 or email