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anime edits💖 (@lovelymadoka) Instagram Profile Photo lovelymadoka

anime edits💖


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“i dont want this anymore” anime: madoka magica song: hey i miss u - chrsbrry (on soundcloud)

加賀鈴 (@kagarin1983) Instagram Profile Photo kagarin1983



Fabyukasol (@fabucastle) Instagram Profile Photo fabucastle


image by Fabyukasol (@fabucastle) with caption : "You know when others hype a product and it's blah when you try it? Many people said Yupo paper was THE thing for waterco" - 1695568327241290238
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You know when others hype a product and it's blah when you try it? Many people said Yupo paper was THE thing for watercolor (for those who don't know, it's plastic paper that makes the watercolors run a lot, creating a sort of whimsical impressionistic effect) but working with it has been one of the most painful experiences in my art journey. I'm a firm believer in trying things for oneself because everyone is different, so now I just know the paper's not for me haha. This was from a few years back and I still have sheets that I don't know what to do with. If anyone is interested in trying and wants me to bring a sheet for them at a future con, let me know! The paper's kind of expensive and unique, so I don't want to waste them T3T I'm also going to be busy tomorrow so I'm finally breaking my daily-post routine that I've been doing for the past 30+ days. Will be switching over to almost-daily from here on out, because I'm running out of art to post eek haha. People who can consistently make content every day are so dedicated and amazing #akemihomura

ひたぎ & waifus. (@musubitagi) Instagram Profile Photo musubitagi

ひたぎ & waifus.

image by ひたぎ & waifus. (@musubitagi) with caption : "__________________________________________________
TAGS: #puellamagimadokamagica #mahoushoujomadokamagica #akemihomura #" - 1695513433103829092
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__________________________________________________ TAGS: #akemihomura

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Homura Akemi was incredibly formative for me, though in retrospect she had no consideration for what actually wanted (and Urobuchi tends to write characters without sympathy if he doesn't have the stat modifier of "tone your edge this is a kid's show") #akemihomura

image by Ari (@konekoanni) with caption : "Happy birthday, Homura!

Photo by @dellau_foto" - 1695358822710999198
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Happy birthday, Homura! Photo by @dellau_foto