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Zeus (Bubby) & Luna (Tuna) (@zeus_and_lunas_tall_tails) Instagram Profile Photozeus_and_lunas_tall_tails

Zeus (Bubby) & Luna (Tuna)

Sanna Koivula (@ssantramaria) Instagram Profile Photossantramaria

Sanna Koivula

Temppukaveri kohta 5 kuukautta#americanstaffords 1669870933946304104

Temppukaveri kohta 5 kuukautta#americanstaffordshire#bamstaffi#temppukoira

🐻Bear the Rescued Lab x Staffy (@bearnosebest) Instagram Profile Photobearnosebest

🐻Bear the Rescued Lab x Staffy

Thank you @barkbox for sending me a camera that I1669869671265941454

Thank you @barkboxfor sending me a camera that I CAN chew! Mommy and I are MUCH happier now and we are SO GRATEFUL for the Christmas giftThank you againnnnn!!! We love it!!!(P.s. @nikonusawon’t fix our camera for a discounted rate, but this should do.)

Egon isaksson (@egonisaksson) Instagram Profile Photoegonisaksson

Egon isaksson