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Trying something new-ish🤔 Thanks instagram for ruining my quality, again😒 - Finals didn’t turn out how I wanted them to😒 but on the bright side I’m probably getting a new phone tomorrow🤩 - [ s ]

amv audios 🎶 (@hpyaudios) Instagram Profile Photo hpyaudios

amv audios 🎶


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🐯 —anime: juuni taisen

PatheticAudioss (@patheticaudioss) Instagram Profile Photo patheticaudioss



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I’m back! And Got tired of the blue backgrounds 😐 [19 Seconds] ~ ~ Ac:Mine Dt: @sacredaudios Credit for whoosh sound effect @plotwistaudios Credit me when you use my audios ~ ~ s

Audios 🎶💞🎶 (@heartbeataudios) Instagram Profile Photo heartbeataudios

Audios 🎶💞🎶

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I hate when people stare at me just because I laughed. And my classmates are not used to me laughing it's so annoying ajhabsh. Just makes me not laugh for another year s

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I’m awake anyway so I thought I’d post some best girls uHh💓💓💓 — (@kxnakai) [19s]

amv audios 🎶 (@hpyaudios) Instagram Profile Photo hpyaudios

amv audios 🎶

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actually proud of this —anime: the devil is a part-timer

Audios 🌚 (@amvaudiiios) Instagram Profile Photo amvaudiiios

Audios 🌚

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【Cheat Codes - No Promises】 ——————— Anime: Masamune-kun no Revenge audios ——————— Give Credit!!! -JR (@shadowedits.gxy )

Idek Audios (@idek.audios) Instagram Profile Photo idek.audios

Idek Audios

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This song makes me nut art by vangwen on tumblr!