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Chandra Deas


Today #selfcarelooked like my #glowupday to help me feel put together for the week. I woke up, stretched, meditated, took a salt bath, deep cleaned my locs squeaky clean, double masked with @deciemand @yestocarrotsmasks, ate surprise @dominospizza, drank lots of water, received a surprise present with gratitude, made my body hair the way I wanted it including plucking and dyeing my eyebrows and getting my HunnyBunny @dwaynedeasto shave my girly lochawk. I also dry oil soaked my feet and hands and then clipped hangnails and cleaned up my nails and put on @sally_hansenpolish strips I had in my vanity. Now I feel like I am putting my best self into next week. I rested or napped in between as needed, nothing hurried or frustrated. I stopped to let my dogs out, tease my HunnyBunny, and enjoy my day. We are wrapping up by watching Clash of Champions in bed together with our fur babiesWhat did #selfcaresundayor #sundayfundaylook like for you?#besthusbandever#love#treatyoself#relax#wwe#boringselfcare#grateful#liein#nopants#snuggles#sendwine

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San Diego Urban Beats

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I have a ton of little projects that need doing be 1672176623327037698

I have a ton of little projects that need doing before Christmas, but there is something about winter and dark days that just makes it soooo hard to get out of bed. I never take good sleep for granted and I savor periods of inner peace, but too much laying around leads to drowsiness and depression. Self care is hard! 🤔 #boringselfcare#bpdrecovery#chuckdrawsthings#bpd

#BoringSelfCare! Organizing my #Meds...I hate to 1672011468974263520

#boringselfcare ! Organizing my #meds ...I hate to admit this, but I haven't taken them in months.I've been fine without them, but my Psychiatrist still wants me to take them. So, I'm going to try my best to start taking them again tomorrow.#wishmeluck !

Pattern fun... I could do fabric.... I think....#e 1671893914770153076

Pattern fun... I could do fabric.... I think....#eisforescoffier#baltimore#boringselfcare#escoffier

You have your degrees, your payroll, your relation 1671870645527859127

You have your degrees, your payroll, your relationship goals, your family's pride...and I have my clean hand-washed clothes.#thatwouldbeenough#triangirlShoutout to #boringselfcarepips! I think we're gonna be just fine. So don't worry, baby.

Ivana Jeo ♏ 杨乙华 🇮🇩🇨🇳 (@ivanajeo811) Instagram Profile Photoivanajeo811

Ivana Jeo ♏ 杨乙华 🇮🇩🇨🇳