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Bridezilla & Co® (@bridezillaandco) Instagram Profile Photobridezillaandco

Bridezilla & Co®

Bridezilla & Co Brigade.Meet @aashnabehlofficial 1670883492289959773

Bridezilla & Co Brigade.Meet @aashnabehlofficial- Pret & Couture, as we band up to curate the perfect wedding wardrobe for you! #bridezillaandco#bridezilla#bespokeweddings#brigade#aashnabehl#indianbride#indianweddings#trousseau

Daintybabes🇲🇾 (@daintybabes) Instagram Profile Photodaintybabes


Sorry, buat masa skrg ni lina busy sikit. Tak smpt 1670815231226221072

Sorry, buat masa skrg ni lina busy sikit. Tak smpt nak cod. Still,postage lina 2kali seminggu. Bulan 1 akan back to normal balik k.Byk sgt benda nak kne siapkan last minute ni sampai tak cukup tangan..Doakan lina. Hope semua benda dipermudahkan.....#daintybabes#bridetobe#bridezilla

Hugh Goodden (@huba.gooding.jr) Instagram Profile Photohuba.gooding.jr

Hugh Goodden

The case against the institution of marriage - com 1670771526403484765

The case against the institution of marriage - compiled by @allmychildrenand hosted by @therealsusanlucci#bridezilla#soapmonday#vhs

SarcasticMermaid (@sarcasticmermaid1989) Instagram Profile Photosarcasticmermaid1989


Today I had this come to Jesus moment with my man. 1670726543196563646

Today I had this come to Jesus moment with my man. Let’s be clear. He was NOT choosing between me and another woman. He was choosing between me and one of his best friends. In the end he picked me. ️ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ before you put me down let me explain. We have been friends with my boyfriends friend for 8 years. This best friend is marrying his girl. This friend asked my man to be a groomsman. HOWEVER I was NOT invited to the wedding. A REAL friend wouldn’t put us in this situation. ((P.s- I have no idea what I did to be singled out from our group of friends like this. All of our friends are either in the wedding or have been given an invitation. So why me?)) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So, for days, my man and I have been arguing. I tried to pretend to be okay with not going to the wedding. I tried allowing him to go and be a groomsman because that WOULD be easier temporarily. But what about our future? What about other events that couple hosts? I would definitely be excluded. Because if I made the bride to be uncomfortable before she would definitely be uncomfortable around me going forward. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So, my man and I had to take a stand and respond to the scenario we were dealt. I had to have this intense conversation with my man asking him to choose me. Pick me. Love me. ((I was prepared to move to Texas if he picked his friend. I wasn’t playing around.)) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I am thankful for the REAL friends in my life. They have been sending so much love the last couple of days. They have helped me through all the ups and downs of this dramatic roller coaster ride ️ and as for this “friend” ..... we have decided to part ways from this “friendship”. I’ll never forgive him or his little bride for such a stunt. #longpost#pickmechoosemeloveme#greysanatomy#greysanatomyquotes#meridethgrey#loveme#friendship#thestruggleisreal#thestruggle#adultingsucks#priorities#drama#dramaqueen#bridezilla#truelove#peoplesuck#victim#communication#couplegoals#marriagegoals#betrayed#betrayal#fuckthisshit#bullied#fuckthem#bullying#ilovehim#ilovemyman#ilovemyboyfriend#tgif