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What Musicals Can Do (@whatmusicalscando) Instagram Profile Photowhatmusicalscando

What Musicals Can Do


Day 10: first playbill- Gigi and jersey boys --- I remember a time when broadway was my lifeline. I couldn’t cope without it. It was my only true friend. I lived for the shows and @broadwaycomvlogs. I have never seen a broadway show and so playbills seemed like a far away dream. A friend of mine, her mother, was going to New York. When they told me, I begged and pleaded for a playbill. My mother said it was unlikely they would remember. And eventually I forgot about it. She came home from New York and no playbill. To be honest, I was gutted. A few weeks later, when I had come home from school, which was hell for me at the time, i was waiting for dinner to be ready. My mother came home and looked through the post, and told me I had some. For a 15 year me, this was rare. When I opened it, I saw this clear and orange bag and had no idea what was inside..... then I saw the yellow banner. My heart stopped. I burst out crying, I couldn’t believe I was holding something that meant the world to me. She gave me a Gigi playbill and a @jerseyboysbroadwayplaybill. It was the most special thing I have ever received. Thanks @playbill---- #playbill#broadway#musicals#love#decemberphotochallenge#december#2017#theatre#nyc#gigi#jerseyboys

Gamer and Friend of Gamers🙃 (@sthwicked_) Instagram Profile Photosthwicked_

Gamer and Friend of Gamers🙃

White Christmas The Musical (@whitechristmasmusical) Instagram Profile Photowhitechristmasmusical

White Christmas The Musical

Coming soon to NEW ORLEANS!! #Repost @broadwaynewo 1667303360225520387

Coming soon to NEW ORLEANS!! #repost@broadwayneworleans・・・Hello #neworleans ! We are so excited to launch the official Instagram for #broadwayIn New Orleans at the @saengernola.Follow us for exclusive content, presale access, and more!

Gogo Harraldo (@gogo_harraldo) Instagram Profile Photogogo_harraldo

Gogo Harraldo

...Was not a good beach day, so in desperation, Iooked forcalmer waters. And those #chemtrailsmade it particularily inviting. I didn't ask...#weather#climate#wind#30knots#beach#report#chemistry#sky#prisma#goldcoast#clouds#thisisqueensland#bay#broadway#northshore#sign#calm#igers

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Kritarth Srinivasan

A lady who does not mind a bad photo. This one was 1667301201810719227

A lady who does not mind a bad photo. This one was my Fav. :) Taken from the Ferry to the Liberty island. Beautiful skies and a stunning view.