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David Briseño (@davidmaycry) Instagram Profile Photo davidmaycry

David Briseño

image by David Briseño (@davidmaycry) with caption : "4 años con @allmisery han sido 4 años bastante fructíferos y muy amenos, no tengo palabras para agradecer a esta gran ba" - 1695482013732504608
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4 años con @allmisery han sido 4 años bastante fructíferos y muy amenos, no tengo palabras para agradecer a esta gran banda por sacarme de un momento oscuro en mi vida musical, pero puedo decir ciertamente que All Misery es lo mejor que me ha pasado en la música y siempre estaré agradecido por eso. En 4 años: • 2 Tous Internacionales (Europa/Uk & Centroamérica) • 4 Tours por México • Festivales Internacionales • Opening Act para grandes bandas • Patrocinios de marcas internacionales: @officialibanezguitars @emgpickups @ernieball • Marcas nacionales: @deadliestclothing @ravenpicks • Ser parte del en @casaveerkamp Hace 4 años me dieron esta playera y es de mis favoritas. ¡Gracias All Misery y vamos por muchos años mas juntos! #BrutalMetal

🥀Ashleigh| Metal-head🥀 (@thr.ash.metalgirl) Instagram Profile Photo thr.ash.metalgirl

🥀Ashleigh| Metal-head🥀

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🔨CLAWHAMMER 🔨 'Infernum in Terra- EP Released: 2016 Artist:@clawhammer_band Genre: Slamming Death Metal Listen to: 'Human Disease' . 💀Holy heck I love this EP! What an on-point representation of Slamming Deathcore meets Beatdown Hardcore. This EP is heavy, filled with annihilating speed, filthy slams, catchy riffs and off the chain vocals creating a unique and soul crushing sound! The vocal range in this EP is just fantastic - the pigsqueals reaching an ultimate high, and gutterals reaching a trembling low then throwing in some hardcore yelling - 100% my kinda thing . The starting to 'Human disease' has to be my favourite, the 'wails' are some what ghostly and add such a deathly, 'under your skin' element to the song, then hitting you hard with an ambush of guitar and drums leaving only destruction in it's path from then on. The tempo of the EP is just right, every song just having a slightly different pace to change it up and keep things interesting. I just can't get over the vocals- these guys are a go to listen when I'm feeling something ultimately heavy but crazy catchy. All in all a 9.5/10, definatley something I can listen to start to finish over and over again 🔨 . #brutalmetal