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Mind Elevation (@arjuna_oneal) Instagram Profile Photo arjuna_oneal

Mind Elevation

Instagram Image by Mind Elevation (@arjuna_oneal) with caption : "Thank YOU for continuing to show up! The great ancient teachings encourage us to sit still and be present in our discomf" at Los Angeles, California - 1695198446769927926

Thank YOU for continuing to show up! The great ancient teachings encourage us to sit still and be present in our discomforts and challenges. Meanwhile, society looks for every reason to shame and break you during the process. . . . My recent download has brought greater awareness to how much of my process that I allow to be seen in the open/ Light vs. the shadows/ Darkness. It's mind-blowing to see and learn that negative patterns & old habits are actually the parts of us that we've yet to bring into the Light for whatever reason(s). . . . Therefore, it behooves me to find comfort in my discomforts, while giving thanks and gratitude for my vulnerability and courage to be seen during the process. . . . No one is exempt from the cycles of life in this material world. But every living Being, including animals and insects has a percentage of God/ Creator beating within and throughout their heart-center. So this Truth has always been a great reference point for me to be mindful. Remember, before I decide to take action in the areas of my life that bring me pain, suffering, anger, discomfort, etc. Those are ways that keep me bound in the vicious cycles of negativity and suffering. Be sure to always be kind and loving to self, which ripples into the reality I'm blessed to create in the world. . . . Thank you for diving deep with me! #choices

I.D DECO Les Docks Marseille (@i.d_deco_marseille) Instagram Profile Photo i.d_deco_marseille

I.D DECO Les Docks Marseille

MAGNIFIQUE ! La table Milaydie en chêne ! Hors norme avec sa grande rallonge intégrée, d’une qualité et d’une beauté incomparable ! Sur mesure et choix de la couleur possible ! Venez la découvrir @docksvillage s