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Lyric Jones (@lyricjones) Instagram Profile Photolyricjones

Lyric Jones

Video shoot was a success @ THE ROOM last night!!1669895514336001650

Video shoot was a success @ THE ROOM last night!! And Y’all know me, I surround myself with legends@mrrobotodirector@iammonicapayne@planetasiamedallions@kawanprather#doyourgoogles#cherrypoppinwednesdays

When @googlehas a pop-up shop you go, on today's episode of #doyourgoogleswe visit the #googleflatironpop-up shop, this year they have a photo booth with props used to turn your picture into wrapping paper which isthe wrapping paper is free with any purchase of a Google product from the Chromecast to a pixel2, it's $free.99 to go no need to RSVP just go and enjoy.

Eric_DonDivaMag (@eric_dondivamag1) Instagram Profile Photoeric_dondivamag1



Hey who’s hungry for a Herschel Walker coonburger?#doyourgoogles

RebelNerdz (@rebelnerdz) Instagram Profile Photorebelnerdz


Start working on your passion, even if it's just 1 1665514873844174662

Start working on your passion, even if it's just 1 or 2 hours a week... #rebelnerdz#men#mensfashion#mentalhealth#doyourgoogles

Lamon Manuel (@lamonmanuelfcla) Instagram Profile Photolamonmanuelfcla

Lamon Manuel

Q: how do i find your music?.A: same way you fin 1664661325707432259

Q: how do i find your music?.A: same way you find most things in the current age of information. you don’t even need to know my last name. just my first and assume that i rap because i’m black. #doyourgoogles#lamonmanuel#fcla#musictofeellikeshitto#xoxo

JustChrisG (@itsjustchrisg) Instagram Profile Photoitsjustchrisg



Sometimes trying out new things can be exciting and all the times that might not always pan out. But what makes that more enjoyable than anything is having someone who's open to it either way. #geocaching#doyourgoogles#sunday

a k a 🖤 C a r o l (@iamcarolinalopez) Instagram Profile Photoiamcarolinalopez

a k a 🖤 C a r o l

Second most popular question I get is about food; “what do I eat”, asked either way. Either people ask ME specifically what I eat or they as what I recommend they eat... and it’s almost always premised with what they like to eat, refuse to give up, what they don’t want to or refuse to eat and/or why it’s so hard for them to eat “healthy”. Yup, people come with a question and usually sabotage the answer(s). So here’s my two cents: 1 Eat real food and reduce your intake of non-real food. 2 Eat foods you like; don’t force yourself to eat something you hate just because everyone tells you it’s healthy.. you have plenty of options. 3 Eat all food groups: all macros are important. 4 practice portion control. 5 Eat according to your goals - there’s a simple universal formula used to calculate what your caloric intake needs (according to your goals), should be. 6 Quality is as important as quantity. 7 Think Nutrition. For a moment forget about your weight, your measurements and your dress size. Focus on healthy NUTRIENT Dense choices, and everything else will fall into place. #googleit#doyourgoogles#keepitsimple#eatclean#behealthy#nutritioniskey#nutrientdense