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Bill Gensinger (@hobbyslob) Instagram Profile Photo hobbyslob

Bill Gensinger

image by Bill Gensinger (@hobbyslob) with caption : "It’s our time...our time down here!! #goonies #thegoonies #80s #awesome #nerd #movienerd #movieposters #drewstruzan #nos" - 1698367121312299071
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It’s our time...our time down here!! #drewstruzan

Handi Tan (@tanhandi) Instagram Profile Photo tanhandi

Handi Tan

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10 books that have influenced me in being a better if not more improved creative artist and human being. Everytime i am stuck or finding difficulties or struggling in drawing or even living 😅 I find myself going back to these. Or simply just browsing on the beautiful works to relax the mind and gather more energy or positive attitude from them. These are works or masterpieces by some artists i most respect / admire. 1. Buddha (manga) by Osamu Tezuka. 2. Dragon Ball (manga) by Akira Toriyama. 3. Spirited Away (film and art book) by Hayao Miyazaki. 4. Doraemon (manga) by Fujiko. F. Fujio. 5. The Arrival (graphic novel / comic book / storyboard strips) by Shaun Tan. 6. Where the wild things are (children's book) by Maurice Sendak. 7. Zen pencil series by Gavin Aung Than @zenpencils 8. Drew Struzan's works (he is a legendary movie poster artist). 9. Cult movie art ( cult movie posters made by various artists, introduced by Kevin Smith). 10. The Killing Joke (history of the Joker in Batman franchise) by Alan Moore and Brian Bolland. #drewstruzan

image by Ray Dillon (@raydillon_art) with caption : "2-Pac - Guess I'll call this the 2nd installment in my "Happy Rappers" photo painting series that I didn't realize I had" - 1697535876505378207
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2-Pac - Guess I'll call this the 2nd installment in my "Happy Rappers" photo painting series that I didn't realize I had started. I did Kanye before. Always been a huge rap fan so I'll probably keep this up over time. #drewstruzan

Drew Graham (@drewgrahamart) Instagram Profile Photo drewgrahamart

Drew Graham

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I've been working on this for a few days experimenting with a new emulation style for an upcoming commission prospect. Does it happen to remind you of any well-known contemporary movie artist's style? No peeking at the tags. I thought about doing something a little more lively from this awesome scene but I love this shot, it shows both of their characters really well, and it fit with the style I was going for. I relied pretty heavily on ref but the real test was the painting look and feel -- thanks to a @creativebloq_ article for pointers. Swipe to see the sketch before effects or color were applied. #DrewStruzan

Brian 🧟‍♂️ (@brianofthelivingdead) Instagram Profile Photo brianofthelivingdead

Brian 🧟‍♂️

image by Brian 🧟‍♂️ (@brianofthelivingdead) with caption : "Original style B poster from 1984. Just framed it. #indianajones #templeofdoom #harrisonford #stevenspielberg #georgeluc" - 1695938738373048639
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Original style B poster from 1984. Just framed it. #drewstruzan

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The Thing (1982) directed by John Carpenter. One of my all time favourite films. This awesome steelbook has Drew Struzan's iconic poster on the cover and is just pretty great looking!