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Night snackalong with an unpictured pint of @bre 1672358566614147866

Night snackalong with an unpictured pint of @breyersdelightsGood night loves and sweet dreams#anorexiarecovery#edrecovery#realrecovery

NIKKI 🇮🇳 (@lil.nikki_j) Instagram Profile Photolil.nikki_j


Miami, FloridaReportShareDownload11155

it was all sunny days n’ smiles w my special dude

Saskia ✨ (@xsaskiasxx) Instagram Profile Photoxsaskiasxx

Saskia ✨

Gemüsedöner 🥙 Nachtschicht 5/5 geschafft ️ Jetzt g 1672354743621826020

Gemüsedöner 🥙 Nachtschicht 5/5 geschafft ️ Jetzt geht's zu @c.clausiusclapeyronnach Leipzig--------------------------------------------#veggies#döner#saarlouis#nurse#liebe#wir2punkt0#foodporn#leipzig#edrecovery#foodlove

Charlena K (@ckeafit) Instagram Profile Photockeafit

Charlena K

The lovely @christiefit__ tagged me to post non-fi 1672354062324132003

The lovely @christiefit__tagged me to post non-fitness related facts about yours truly so here ya go🤗1. I'm studying architecture and landscape architecture and one day I hope to work as a licensed architect concentrating in urban design ️2. My favorite movie is probably a toss up between any the Lord of the Rings movies, Kung Fu Panda, or anything with Leo Dicaprio (Inception anyone? ) 3. I have seen How I Met Your Mother all the way through 9 times (and counting).4. I have a younger brother and he's my best friend in the whole wide world (we just spent the past two days binge watching Atlanta and Community)5. I used to be a dancer and always dreamed about being on So You Think You Can Dance6. My favorite color is mint green7. I could eat sushi every single day for the rest of my life.8. I play the piano, guitar, clarinet, viola, and violin. Yes I was a band nerd.9. I love Oregon-I love the mountains, the oceans, the deserts, the forests. I love hiking, camping, and being outdoors here10. I'm kind of a nerd. I love physics, calculus, writing, history, reading... You name it11. I just turned 21 a few weeks agoBut haven't been to a bar yet 🤷‍️12. My favorite cities are Portland, Seattle, and San Diego13. I'm dying to travel - I'm studying abroad in Italy in the spring but I'd also love to visit more of Europe, Asia, South America, Australia... Okay I guess just the whole world14. Both of my parents are Cambodian and I have a huge family (I think I have around 60 cousins and second cousins)15. I laugh really loud. If you've met me then you already know thisI'm tagging some of my fave peeps who always make my day (so so grateful) to do the same so go show em some loveHappy Monday ya beautiful people

Elizabeth | 18 (@recovery_bunny) Instagram Profile Photorecovery_bunny

Elizabeth | 18


Snacks // 7:00pm - 12:50am //tried the oatmeal cookie halo top today! its really good, i like it more than the cinnamon roll. 136g oatmeal cookie HT, 71g cinnamon roll HT. 26g @cascadianfarmBerry vanilla puffs with 2/3 cups coconut almond milk blend. 3 saltines, one slice of chao, 2 slices tofurkey, mustard and 1oz jerky. aaand 4 packs of smarties. TW CALS // 1,491 cals today. b/p urges are very strong and i hate it

Sarah Robertson (@sarah_robbo) Instagram Profile Photosarah_robbo

Sarah Robertson

##EmergencyPositivity #thoughtofthedayAmen to th 1672353545167156905

##emergencypositivity#thoughtofthedayAmen to this being something I embrace more. It’s not easy, at all. I’ve got a lonnnnnggggg way to go! #recovery#edrecovery#mentalhealth

Terka Kolaříková (@theresa_fitness162) Instagram Profile Phototheresa_fitness162

Terka Kolaříková

So shot and little example of what my daily routin 1672340715495049023

So shot and little example of what my daily routine looks likeit's 50to50 percent of kickboxing and cardio. The first two exicises is example of kickbox part and other two od cardio. Also mixing to cardio running pass and swimming I add once in two weeks once a week I just do about 55mins just kickbox because when we have school from 7 I don't have time average doing 65-75 workout every day ️#kickbox#kickboxing#workout#exercise#workingout#healthylifestyle#healthyfood#myfitnesspal#fitnesslifestyle#fitgirl#instaworld#instaphoto#fitness#instagram#eatingdisorderrecovery#eatingdisorder#edrecovery#anorexia#anorexiarecovery#anarecovery#recovery#cleaneating#eatclean#healthyeating#food#healthy