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electrician my life

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Mr.Bluegill Guide Service


NEW GREASER STOCK JUST ARRIVED!!***** $2,995 *****~250W Motor~~Legally* Limited to 25kmh ~~Fully Road Legal~~No License Required~~Hydraulic Brakes~~Upto 50kms Per Charge~~4hr Charge Time~COOLEST BIKES ON THE ROAD?? WE THINK SO!***cars not included!#greaser#ebike#electric#hybrid#pedal#pedalpower#retro#oldschool#xmas#gift#perth#perthisok#beach#bike#fabcar#drivesomethingdifferent#merchantsofhighoctane

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Karma Adie Whibangga

About last night... Hard work from my team work to make environment security system.We may feel safe by having some kind of security system. but living around people who care to each other will make us even safer..#gate#in#the#making#hard#work#team#environment#security#system#sparks#electric#walding

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Simple Car Reviews


The 15th of December 2017 Notable Mention goes to the 2017 Tesla Model S P100D, the fastest Model S to date! Now say what you "Musk" about Tesla but any car with a 'Ludicrous Mode' deserves some respect.~Powered by two electric motors (one per axle) with a combined output of 779bhp, sending this AWD Tesla to 100km/h in just 2.39 seconds and onto an electrically limited top speed 250km/h since the new 'Ludicrous+ Update". It also gets an enormous 550km range and a transmission is superfluous due to the way an electric drive-train works.~However compared to it's rivals performance and economy are the only benefits due to a large premium on the electric motors. Ride comfort, although adjustable, isn't any where near as good and it uses bad quality interior materials, it also has more road noise but that maybe due to not having any engine noise to cover it up.~The Tesla Model S is an engineering marvel, however it isn't without it's faults and electric cars aren't exactly car enthusiast's favourite cars. However it is a revolution in the car world and has performance to shame many Supercars which is why it gets my Notable Mention for today!

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Check out the full version on YouTube or SoundClou 1670850251164890792