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Sarah Morriss MacConkey (@morrissworld) Instagram Profile Photo morrissworld

Sarah Morriss MacConkey

image by Tansy (@defiantwhim) with caption : "Candlelit foamsmithing (for the heat gunless) .
#cosplayarmor #cosplay #cosplaywip #foamsmith #foamsmithing #diycospla" - 1698998456533084635
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Candlelit foamsmithing (for the heat gunless) . . #evafoam

Odd Man Out Props (@oddman_out_props) Instagram Profile Photo oddman_out_props

Odd Man Out Props

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Thanks to a few days of 50° I was able to plasti and seal up some parts. Hooked the abdominal area to the breast plate. #evafoam

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A little shield practice. Final coat of plastidip. Then tape and paint. #evafoam

The Mad Anvil Armory (@themadanvilarmory) Instagram Profile Photo themadanvilarmory

The Mad Anvil Armory

Progress on the Witcher Leather Cuirass. I had almost forgotten how many steps there are in the production of this piece. Yet it’s still one of my most favorites to work #evafoam

Michael Sikler (@topdogcraftstudio) Instagram Profile Photo topdogcraftstudio

Michael Sikler

Instagram Image by Michael Sikler (@topdogcraftstudio) with caption : "Flip flops in the winter... donations for a gift basket. Go Wildcats... #evafoam #cricutair #flipflops" at Wilmington, Illinois - 1698980150208382975

Flip flops in the winter... donations for a gift basket. Go Wildcats... #evafoam