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Wales Cheung (@wales.cheung) Instagram Profile Photowales.cheung

Wales Cheung

Such a pleasure meeting up with the most amazing group of people at the Kilimanjaro Challenge Reunion! As a team, we raised over £100k for Cancer Research UK. A stunning feat and a very well done team! Thank you to all at CRUK for organising the Francis Crick Institute Tour. Thoroughly enjoyed it! #franciscrickinstitute#cancerreasearchuk#cruk#kilimanjaro#stellapoint#kili#fundraising

The Racehorse Sanctuary (@racehorsesanctuary) Instagram Profile Photoracehorsesanctuary

The Racehorse Sanctuary

We desperately need your help this Christmas - our 1668046572748858587

We desperately need your help this Christmas - our dear horses have been so good this year and have left their lists for Santa. Yet our funds are limited and we unfortunately couldn't run our Christmas Fundraising Ball this year.We need £8,000 for our Christmas appeal to get the horses through the Winter. £5 buys just 1 bale of hay and we have lots of mouths to feed!Please please please donate as little or as much as you can, please share this post and do tag anyone who may be able to help us. You've all been so amazing this year with your unconditional love, support and generosity. We've been so humbled by your kindness.The team & the horses, xLink to our Just Giving page is in our bio.

Charlie and Naomi (and Turnip) (@equatortocape) Instagram Profile Photoequatortocape

Charlie and Naomi (and Turnip)

The absolute best way to spend a Christmassy eveni 1668045271450161751

The absolute best way to spend a Christmassy evening - hosting the best people for the merriest (and messiest) of times whilst raising money for The Egmont Trust. All the thank yous to an incredible bunch of festive filthy animals. Special shout out to @cjrockfor the sponsored Santa-kini Tesco dash!

On the 1'st Day of Exploring, if you're a passiona 1668046983581908756

On the 1'st Day of Exploring, if you're a passionate #ecologistor #environmentalist , or simply a #globalcitizen#explorenon-profits on Appreciate who are focused on the #environmentand #wildlife& #nature .If you're a passionate #mountaineer , #summitAppreciate by visiting and #connectwith non-profits this #christmas .#12daysofexploring#global#environmentalist#mountains#alps#nepal#climate#tuesday#techforgood#fundraising#charity

Mummy's Star ( Instagram Profile

Mummy's Star

We need your help! We’ve made it over half way to1668044045832117935

We need your help! We’ve made it over half way to raising the vital funds we need this Christmas. PLEASE help us to REACH that final amount for our mums! ⭐️#jgchristmas#mummysstar#cancerandpregnancy#cancersupport#fundraising

Stiftung Solarenergie PH (@solarenergieph) Instagram Profile Photosolarenergieph

Stiftung Solarenergie PH

This year, we went back to most of our project are 1668042720356178952

This year, we went back to most of our project areas to check up on the community as well as the system we put in place. We heard so many stories of how solar power has greatly helped their daily lives and we would love to share them with you.——Every year, thousand of Filipino devotees flock to the Black Nazarene procession in Quiapo, Manila. ZEDRU, our accredited response partner, provided first aid and medical assistance with our solar suitcase in hand.——One of their patients was Tatay Manzon, who came into the tent after suffering a stroke in the middle of the procession. As he was waiting to be taken to the hospital, he shared that he was attending to pray for his long-lost son. Word got around and reached Ramon, a ZEDRU volunteer, who has been searching for his long-lost father.——Two prayers were answered that day. Father and son reunited. ...#solarph#solarenergy#solar#energy#solarenergie#solarenergieph#solarpower#sustainable#sustainableenergy#offthegrid#empoweringlives#philippines#education#educationph#solarsuitcase#globalgiving#crowdfunding#fundraising#fundraisingph#nonprofit#volunteerph#volunteerphilippines#volunteer#discoverphilippines#discoverph

Positive Planet Foundation (@positiveplanet_) Instagram Profile Photopositiveplanet_

Positive Planet Foundation

Aujourd’hui, presque 60% de la population sénégala 1668043645083998488

Aujourd’hui, presque 60% de la population sénégalaise a moins de 20 ans. La problématique de l’emploi est d’autant plus pressante que la population en âge de travailler, qui représente la moitié de la population active, croît au rythme moyen annuel de 3,2%, soit 202 000 potentiels nouveaux demandeurs d’emploi par an. #actforpositive#makeachange#positivefinance

MulberrytreeAU (@mulberrytreeau) Instagram Profile Photomulberrytreeau


And that’s a wrap!! It was such a big year, creati 1668041093597265126

And that’s a wrap!! It was such a big year, creating terrariums for lovely new homes, nurturing succulents, participating in workshops to fundraise for @wwf_australia. A big THANK YOU to all those who made 2017 possible!! We will be up and running again on 9th Jan 2018! Feel free to DM us in the meantime if you have any queries! xx @mulberrytreeauAlso, shout out to @signedbyrowwho created the gorgeous sign!#succulents#terrarium#love#diy#homedecor#mulberrytreeau#etsy#etsyshop#succulentsofinsta#succulove#workshop#fun#fundraising#home#inspiration#view

Women for Women International (@womenforwomenuk) Instagram Profile Photowomenforwomenuk

Women for Women International

Every time a woman begins a conversation on the @b 1668039552869378655

Every time a woman begins a conversation on the @bumbleapp in the UK TODAY - 12th December, Bumble will donate 5p to @womenforwomenukup to a maximum total donation of £10,000. Thank you @bumblefor your generous support!Bumble and Women for Women International share a passionate belief in the inspirational power of women’s voices. It’s critical that we recognise the vital contributions that all women make – not just because women's voices and achievements are so often unheard and overlooked – but because we believe elevating women strengthens the social fabric of societies everywhere. Join us to raise the voices of women around the world!#sheinspiresmeFind out more - link in our bio️Photo: @hazelthompsonphoto