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Posting From Other Accounts (@crazii.yu) Instagram Profile Photocrazii.yu

Posting From Other Accounts

Germaine Tan (@tan_germaine) Instagram Profile Phototan_germaine

Germaine Tan

" Red is the colour of fiery passion and I. Am. Fl 1666534286973820889

" Red is the colour of fiery passion and I. Am. Flaming." ~Grell sutcliffe . this is probably the least cringiest quote from him )#sebastianmichaelis#cielphantomhive#kuroshitsuji#grellsutcliffe#shinigami#anime#fanart .

Mio (#DreamName) (@fandomgempony) Instagram Profile Photofandomgempony

Mio (#DreamName)

CAN WE TALK ABOUT THE MUSICAL?!?!(Ive seen it som 1666259354969275547

CAN WE TALK ABOUT THE MUSICAL?!?!(Ive seen it some time ago buttttttttt imma go talk about it Rn)1. THIS GRELL IS AMAZING HIS CHARACTISATION IS LIKE AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGGG ARHHHHHJJJJ2. I personally think they made Madam Red more crazy than she actually is? Like it could be just because I love her to death and because she's my first waifu... but Still! She has Done some fucked up shit And alllll but I saw her own song And the actor is really good but she's soooooo crazyyyyyyy you can see it in her eyes And allokay I'm getting tooooooo into this#blackbutler#kuroshitsuji#madamred#grellsutcliffe#madamredxgrell

thawin gokudera hayato (@prince_thawin) Instagram Profile Photoprince_thawin

thawin gokudera hayato

ตัวแรกที่อยากคอส รู้สึกว่าช่วงนี้อะไรก็ไม่อำนวย ถถ 1665248481566856049

ตัวแรกที่อยากคอส รู้สึกว่าช่วงนี้อะไรก็ไม่อำนวย ถถถ.#grellsutcliffe#kuroshitsuji