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Yorkshire Gossip Girl 💞 (@yorkshire_gossip_girl) Instagram Profile Photo yorkshire_gossip_girl

Yorkshire Gossip Girl 💞

image by Yorkshire Gossip Girl 💞 (@yorkshire_gossip_girl) with caption : "Best way to start #mondaymornings with my #fav #filter #coffee #grumpymule #guatemala & my new #grumpy #mug purchased la" - 1697756884885075108
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Best way to start with my #guatemala & my new purchased last week from

のんある (@oou_chocolate) Instagram Profile Photo oou_chocolate


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ほっと一息☺️@LADYBIRD COFFEESTAND☕️ グァテマラとマドレーヌ(チョコレート)をいただきました😋 美味しいなぁ😚 #guatemala

Fans Club Ozuna_Guatemala 🐻🇵🇷 (@fc_ozuna_guatemala) Instagram Profile Photo fc_ozuna_guatemala

Fans Club Ozuna_Guatemala 🐻🇵🇷

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@ozunapr 🐻❤🇵🇷🇩🇴 🙆🙆🙆🙆🙆🙆🙆🙆🙆🙆🙆#Guatemala 🐻❤🐻❤🐻❤ 26/1/2018 🙆🙆🔥🔥🔥👌👌🚀🚀🙌🙌🙌🙌 compra tus entradas en 🎫🎫 🐻❤ 🐻🐻❤❤🔥 @dimelovi @flyentretenimiento @buschlightguatemala @tacobellgt @tuentigt @habitat_gt @todoticket

來有名的舒芙蕾鬆餅店朝聖,沒想到也有不錯的自家烘焙單品手沖。 原味招牌舒芙蕾鬆餅,超級好吃!絕對會沖!太美味了! 單品點了水洗耶加跟瓜地馬來安提瓜,兩款手沖不好不壞恰如其分。 #Guatemala

Rum Runner's Co. (@rumrunnersco) Instagram Profile Photo rumrunnersco

Rum Runner's Co.

Thank you again to @rumandcane for sending us samples of their rum to review. In all we received 5 samples and we are kicking off with the Central America XO Rum Expression. We love the bottle style as it is designed to have a low centre of gravity so it doesn’t fall over when on a rocky sailing boat and it looks awesome! . . Rum & Cane select their rums from lesser known distilleries, or rum producing nations, and only bottle them when they feel that the rum has come of an aged to best represent the style of the nation or distillery of which it came. Each expression is limited to just a single barrel so this is some pretty exclusive stuff, but the good news is that it is still affordable. The Remarkable Regional Rums, which this is, are a blend of rums from different distilleries from a single region. This Central America Rum is an Extra Old (XO) rum, which means it is a blend of rums of different ages. Rum & Cane are not limited by an overriding age statement when it comes to blending their rums. This can be a good thing as it gives the flexibility to blend a rum for a certain flavour profile or style that may only be achievable by blending young and aged rums, however it makes it difficult to know exactly the age of the spirits used in the blend. All Rum & Cane rums are blended to be sipping rums where they have not been chill filtered nor have added caramel colouring, no mention about added sugar. This Central America XO Rum is bottled at 43% ABV. . . The Central America XO Rum is a blend of Guatemalan and Nicaraguan rums where there are only 2,000 bottles are available. When whirling the rum gently around the glass the it relieves long, slow forming legs that are a sign of some well aged rum within the blend. The aroma above the glass this seductive and spicy with notes of plumbs, raisins, new world tobacco, cinnamon, caramelised sugar, oak and a slight pepperiness. It’s complex and really inviting. The palate is vibrant and spicy where the notes of leather and tobacco dominate with a subtle dark chocolate undertone. It is simply delicious and the glass quickly empties. This rum is without a doubt best served neat. 🥃👌😎🌴

Fans Club Ozuna_Guatemala 🐻🇵🇷 (@fc_ozuna_guatemala) Instagram Profile Photo fc_ozuna_guatemala

Fans Club Ozuna_Guatemala 🐻🇵🇷

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@ozunapr 🐻❤🇵🇷🇩🇴 en #Guatemala 🇬🇹🇬🇹 🐻🐻🐻🙆🙆🙆👌👌👌😍😍😍💪🔥💪🔥 🙆🙆🙆🐻🐻🐻 26/1/2018 entradas en @todoticket 🎫🎫 @flyentretenimiento @dimelovi @tuentigt @buschlightguatemala @tacobellgt @habitat_gt

GordyBella Dulce Sandoval (@gordybella_dulcesandoval) Instagram Profile Photo gordybella_dulcesandoval

GordyBella Dulce Sandoval

Hola mis GordyBellos preciosos!!! Ya esta publicado el nuevo vídeo de coreografía en mi canal!! Para verlo selecciona el link de mi biografía!! Besoooos!! #Guatemala