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Novaliya Santri Yani (@novaliyasantriyani) Instagram Profile Photo novaliyasantriyani

Novaliya Santri Yani

image by Novaliya Santri Yani (@novaliyasantriyani) with caption : "#Ha.. Ha... Ha...#" - 1695098211293639297
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#Ha.. Ha... Ha...#

emp_comedy_ (@emp_comedy_) Instagram Profile Photo emp_comedy_


Instagram Image by emp_comedy_ (@emp_comedy_) with caption : "It'd be depressing" at United States - 1695095961763087241

It'd be depressing

image by Candice (@candydoll_99) with caption : "No offense but,,, those kids are BITCHES! The ultimate definition of BITCH!!!🙃🙄" - 1695093534426042529
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No offense but,,, those kids are BITCHES! The ultimate definition of BITCH!!!🙃🙄

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image by @sylvanian_collectors with caption : "One of our newest sylvanian baby carrier case! 🐼 🚂 she’s so cute! 
#sylvanians #panda #carriercase #sylvanianfamilies #f"- 1695096253796102493
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One of our newest sylvanian baby carrier case! 🐼 🚂 she’s so cute! #ha