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Chris Dolendo (@chrisdolendo) Instagram Profile Photo chrisdolendo

Chris Dolendo

The Motherland Chapters: Siquijor, Part 2. With a scooter and backpack, I was taken on a tour around the sacred sites of Siquijor. This was one of the stops. Behold the Ancient Enchanted Balete Tree, one of the oldest trees in Southeast Asia - between 500 to 600 years old. Balete trees are considered dwelling places for supernatural beings like kapre or tikbalang. In some places, shamanic rituals are performed inside the chambers formed by the tree. ✨🙌🏽😮🙏✨ . This grandmother was grander than any tree I’ve ever seen, it brought me to my knees. It felt like it knew everything, filled with wisdom and magical beings. I could hardly bring it to myself to touch her. I don’t really have any words to describe the experience other than numinous 😭✨❤️ . . You could soak your feet in the pond with fishes that liked to nibble the dead skin off your feet, thus called a natural foot spa. 🐠Visitors spoke gently due to the reverence the space held, unless one of the fishes bit their foot too hard 😂 . . In this location, there was a stand where locals sold crafted goods and herbal remedies harvested from the land. . . #homeland

Милош Петровић (@renegade.93) Instagram Profile Photo renegade.93

Милош Петровић

image by Милош Петровић (@renegade.93) with caption : "#army #solider #homeland" - 1697454891850539668
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Adam Lambert (@adamconor) Instagram Profile Photo adamconor

Adam Lambert

image by Adam Lambert (@adamconor) with caption : "Chillin’ with my guy re-watching #homeland #cat #maverick #cuddles #home #sofa #sunday" - 1697455776177619129
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Chillin’ with my guy re-watching land

image by Emille Rosa (@emillegomesrosa) with caption : "Finding paradise wherever I go with them 🌞🌊🇧🇷#homeland #brazil" - 1697455643285277854
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Finding paradise wherever I go with them 🌞🌊🇧🇷#homeland

Adil Hussain (@adil.amiable) Instagram Profile Photo adil.amiable

Adil Hussain

image by Adil Hussain (@adil.amiable) with caption : "Once upon a time in Pakistan 🇵🇰 #pakistan #pakistani #pakistanifashion #pakistanioutfits #pakistanidress #homeland #peac" - 1697452983358471205
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Once upon a time in Pakistan 🇵🇰 #homeland 👋

Katia Keller (@katishamarisha) Instagram Profile Photo katishamarisha

Katia Keller

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pics from my brother. 😊 #homeland