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I am a Nyirenda. I am a zambian. I am a gay man. I am BLACK. I am culture. I am art. I am human. I am fragile. I am indestructible. I am humble. I will always love and support you. i am light. I am sex. I am dark. I am balance. I am spirit. I am stronger than your negativity . I will move. It will be grand, cuz idgaf! relax Those were the words I re minded my inner self, reclaimed my aesthetic of the cool and my , and I just stopped giving a (yes) about what i wanted to create ahead of time. Living in the now is a wondering thing. Beginning to end I loved this freestyle. This is the beginning. speak my soul as only few Dominican so crisply! #homosexuals -up (I obviously was not on the LV strip but a girl 👧 can dream)