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official #ਜੱਸਲ# and #ਜਸਪ੍ਰੀਤ# (@jassal_pics) Instagram Profile Photojassal_pics

official #ਜੱਸਲ# and #ਜਸਪ੍ਰੀਤ#

Read.Jeca (@read.jeca) Instagram Profile Photoread.jeca


...i just needed to be reminded... ️... 1669703957469210002

...i just needed to be reminded... ️...

.@khayyam_poemsAh, Love! could thou and I with F 1669703890051026526

.@khayyam_poemsAh, Love! could thou and I with Fate conspireTo grasp this sorry Scheme of Things entire!Would not we shatter it to bits-and thenRe-mould it nearer to the Heart's Desire! .Like God, if this world I could controlEliminating the world would be my roleI would create the world anew, wholeSuch that the free soul would attain desired goal..گر بر فلکم دست بدی چون یزدانبرداشتمی من این فلک را ز میاناز نو فلکی دگر چنان ساختمیکازاده بکام دل رسیدی آسان.. .خیام مرد دل زده از روزگار و دنیا با دیدن نقص های زیاد در جهان هستی به این فکر میکند اگر روزی بر جای خدا تکیه میزد چقدر بهتر میتوانست آنرا اداره کند...خدا که صدای ما رو نمیشنوه اگه کسی بهش دسترسی داره بگه ی دورم اجازه بده خیام خدایی کنه بعد مردم قضاوت کنن ببینن کدوم خدای بهتریه#winelover#winery#winetime #instawine#winelovers#winetime#winepairing#poem#qoutes#life#عمر_خیام#life #poetry #instapoet#qoute #خیام #دین #شیعه #سنی #صادق_هدایت #خدا

Shubham Bhatnagar (@thegreytruth) Instagram Profile Photothegreytruth

Shubham Bhatnagar


I am a woman of distinction.
Recklessly beautiful and untamed–my heart is splayed wide open for I not only trust the process, but I trust the force in which each one of my feet hits the ground.
My self worth lives in each nook and cranny of my spine. It is not attached to exterior what have you’s like money, a piece of paper, a house, a car, this world approval, a ring or success.
My success is in presence.
I am present in the humans I stumble upon like heart beats at first light and in the night.
I do not shrink to accommodate the insecurities of those around me, but stand tall to remind them gently, why crouch?
I walk with my head held high when I walk into a room because I know there is space for me in this world — however I may come.
I show this world my tears and my laughter, unashamed.
I am a woman of distinction and I am not afraid to love you before you are ready.
I am not afraid to move faster or slower than the expectations we lay on vulnerability and opening.
I open at my will.
I open fearlessly and sweetly and ferociously with all the might I can, for what good is living if we are not loving?
I am here to love and love I will.
I am a woman of distinction, I show up for this world.
I set boundaries with ease that honour me.
I understand that no is self love and everything after no is unworthiness.
I am worthy, darling — oh so deliciously worthy.
I am authentic as all hell and can taste bullshit from a mile away.
I ground — ground through movement, through dance, through the sea.
I drink the ocean for breakfast and kiss the red dirt for dessert.
I do not keep my freedom in a cage that requires six whiskies to be let loose.
I dance and shimmy and shake and love through my life.
I am a woman of distinction — you will feel me when I walk into the room.
Poetry — @jannerobinson