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Erick 💁🏻‍♂️ (@aniirexe) Instagram Profile Photoaniirexe

Erick 💁🏻‍♂️

New pic logo! 1670007196848813905

New pic logo!

NIMU or Nemo / ニムウ (@nimukii) Instagram Profile Photonimukii

NIMU or Nemo / ニムウ


#adReview Time : I received these a couple months ago from @ttd_eyeand haven’t been able to write my review until now. These lil lenses are called “Real Crystal” in the color gray. (PART 2 OF MY REVIEW ON THE NEXT SLIDE)-Color: These are EXTREMELY pigmented lenses, I’ve never owned a pair that could completely cover all of the brown in my eyes. Out in the sunlight my eyes light up quite beautifully and look more like a white/grey rather than a grey blue. These are VERY VERY opaque and noticeable in dim/slightly dark lighting (example would be: Con raves/dark rooms..etc). These lenses work wonders for any kaneki cosplay because they’re just so aesthetically pleasing to look at because they’re so realistic when worn. I’m not sure how the lenses look on lighter eyes but seeing how naturally dark mine are, they should look fantastic on any other eye color. ———-Enlargement: these aren’t TOO big on me, these can be used for those characters who don’t have big anime eyes, they give off a more natural look. Since these are 14mm there isn’t that much enlargement, these make me look masculine while I cosplay male characters because of the dark black rim around them. If you’re trying to buy these for enlarging your eyes I do not recommend, I DO recommend going to and checking out their large section of enlargement lenses! ————Comfort: When I slip these lenses onto my eyes it feels like a light drop of water resting on them. They are the most comfortable lenses I have ever owned, by far the best lenses I’ve owned in general. I wore these for my Furuta cosplay I did back at Comikaze and had lots of people coming up to me asking me “WHERE DID YOU BUY YOUR LENSES?” So many people wanted to know where they were from and I was generally shocked. The comfort level is so high, I stayed in them for 16 hours straight with no dryness or discomfort at all. (PART 2 CONTINUED ONTO NEXT SLIDE) (use code @nimukiifor 10% off)

I'm a bit late but I still wanted to join this bea 1669553839916048593

I'm a bit late but I still wanted to join this beautiful person's SFS *^* @monokuro.cosplaya l w a y s amazes me with her cosplays and I can't even choose which one is my favorite??? She has a lot of variety in her cosplay and I really love that! I think I started following her back when I was deep into Undertale hell, and recently I've fallen in love with her Uraraka, Bendy and Kaworu cosplays among others. *w* Definitely give her a follow if you haven't done that yet, you won't regret it for a second!! Also, my favorite food is Indian curry and Japanese ramen. Now I'm hungry.#sfs#cosplaysfs#cosplay#dutchcosplay#yurikatsukicosplay#arminarlertcosplay#kanekikencosplay#kaworunagisacosplay


Another throwback to #viecc2017!I'm so sorry that I don't have anything to post...but school is more important for me than cosplay now. But!! I have lots of cosplays planned for next year!Thank you to all the people who keep following me even though I'm so inactive! Love you~#cosplay#tokyoghoul#tokyoghoulcosplay#kanekiken#kanekikencosplay#kenkaneki

💦Cheap Cosplayer💦 (@trickxterxx) Instagram Profile Phototrickxterxx

💦Cheap Cosplayer💦


Kawaii Kon Sunday Nominee ••••••••••••••••••••••••Tags:#kanekiken#kanekikencosplay#tokyoghoulcosplay

B.H Artwork (@b.h_artwork) Instagram Profile Photob.h_artwork

B.H Artwork


So during Halloween, i grabbed out my facepaint and decided to paint Kaneki's ghoul mask. :) The first picture has been edited. I added the words/faded boarder/red eye and the second pic is without any editing. Sadly i dont own any contacts yet so for now editing will have to do. haha. #kaneki#tokyoghoul#facepaint#eyepatch#kanekikencosplay#kanekiken#ghoul#mask