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Have you ever held the fruits of hard work & grace 1629538614274651253

Have you ever held the fruits of hard work & grace in your hands?Have you ever felt like you can do anything because beside you stands?A man with a vision and a youth united like strings forming a strandIf you haven't, walk with me I will help you understandHow a vision turn into goalsHow passion will make you achieve your desired scoresHow your achievement can be a river that flows......non stopIf you trust in God with your all despite your flaws.....non stopsYou from reaching your destinationYou got all you need around you just embrace the right motivationKnow your quest find one if you have no questGive it your best as you do your part.......God will handle the rest@maestros_leadership#knowquest#sdg#greenaward© Fungaih Matthew Chimwazafb: Matt_hewpoetIG: hewpoetTwitter: hewpoet

With the MCA @maestros_leadership team after redee 1623436251423942362

With the MCA @maestros_leadershipteam after redeeming time.#knowquest#letsdothis

Maestros Leadership Team (@maestros_leadership) Instagram Profile Photomaestros_leadership

Maestros Leadership Team

CONGRATULATIONS TO #mca#teammaestrosfor Launching Project #knowquestthat is promoting information (tips & discoveries) sharing among the youth.SPECIAL THANKS to @azariah.mosiwafor sharing wisdom on REDEEMING TIME and inspiring young people to value LIFE OF PURPOSE & TIME.THANKS to @brocharlizfor presenting the United Nations Award to the Team.