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Standard yet effectivefrom @lolplaysdailyfollow 1671505204469507043

Standard yet effectivefrom @lolplaysdailyfollow @playfultrickster

Lol News & Highlights (@fromtherift) Instagram Profile Photofromtherift

Lol News & Highlights

S+ on the timing1671377374809001480

S+ on the timing

League of Legends (@omgwardnoob) Instagram Profile Photoomgwardnoob

League of Legends

Garen has a big swordTaric or Ezreal is more gay 1671371846766161665

Garen has a big swordTaric or Ezreal is more gay? What do you think? xDDD.----------------⤵I found that screenshot of mine so random wtf, it's so good lmao.-----------------⤵Follow @omgwardnoobfor more funny content!-----------------⤵Christmas Christmas Christmas Christmas Christmas Christmas Christmas Christmaaaaas-----------------⤴▫Tags▫#leagueoflegends#leagueoflegendsmemes#leagueoflegendsfunny#league_of_legends#garen#ezreal#aram