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LEGO Spartan Productions (@legospartanproductions) Instagram Profile Photolegospartanproductions

LEGO Spartan Productions


"You know, seeing you sure brings back a few things."-Lando Calrissian to Han Solo-------------------------------------------------My favorite Star Wars minifigure is undoubtedly the updated Lando Calrissian in his Rebel general uniform. The minifig stands out not only as a physical representation of Lando, but more importantly as a character representing larger ideals within the Star Wars saga. So far as the minifigure goes, I enjoy his cape the most. The new material that LEGO is using is fantastic, and the sand blue color makes quite a statement (as can be seen in Bricklink prices). Although there is no leg printing, I feel that it wasn't entirely necessary looking at his image from the film. The torso print accurately captures his uniform from Return of the Jedi, and his dual-sided face print has come a long way, even going so far as to include the sly smuggler's grin that we have come to love. But far more important to me is what the minifig stands for--a symbol of redemption in the face of great evil and a chance for a new beginning because of deep friendships. As we all know, Lando betrays his best friend in The Empire Strikes Back and sells him out to the most feared bounty hunter in the galaxy. However, his strong feelings of loyalty to friends take over and he struggles valiantly to rescue the man he betrayed, eventually succeeding after many months and many scrapes with death. Han and Lando rekindle their friendship and continue being the dynamic duo loved by audiences worldwide, proving that redemption is a reality and that people have a chance to correct their mistakes, although Lando does slip up again and destroys Han's precious satellite dish ;) (pic 2). The archetypes seen throughout the Star Wars saga make the story incredibly compelling and relatable to people of all ages, and the motif that Lando represents is truly an integral part of the storyline and will carry on for generations to come.@legoman_scotland-------------------------------------------------#millenniumfalcongiveaway#lego#starwars#legostarwars#lando#landocalrissian#han#hansolo#milleniumfalcon#general#uniform#cloudcity#instagram#redemption#friendship#love

Brick_Freak_uk (@brick_freak_uk) Instagram Profile Photobrick_freak_uk


Here's my entry to @legoman_scotland give away for 1672007895150345646

Here's my entry to @legoman_scotlandgive away for the #millenniumfalcongiveaway , my favourite Lego starwars minifigures has to be the man himself Boba Fett, loved his role in the films and the figure it's self is brilliantly designed with the printing on the arms and he came in one of the best sets released in my eyes the slave 1 #millenniumfalcongiveaway#legogeek#legostarwars#bobafett#legocommunity

Dan Cottrell (@dan_and_dog) Instagram Profile Photodan_and_dog

Dan Cottrell

Back in my day you got lego pieces in random bags1672007148086736562

Back in my day you got lego pieces in random bags snd had to scour the whole lot to find the piece you need. This numbered bag concept just further coddles these millennials. #backinmyday#lego#legostarwars#starwars

LEGO Minifigure Collection (@minifighub) Instagram Profile Photominifighub

LEGO Minifigure Collection

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Nathan Puscus

A few weeks back I turned 30 and my mom said I was 1672005303565936024

A few weeks back I turned 30 and my mom said I was finally old enough for LEGO. Put this TIE together while watching VII in preparation for VIII. ...#starwars#kyloren#tlj#thelastjedi#makersgottamake#lego#legostagram#legostarwars#woodworking#yqrmakers#yqr#canadianmade#diy#garagewoodshop#garagewoodworking#woodcraft#lfl