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昨晚花了三小時造這個聖誕花圈, 把她掛在門外, 今朝出門就唔見左. 應該是跌左係地, 被清潔姐姐掃走 1668623483603314595

昨晚花了三小時造這個聖誕花圈, 把她掛在門外, 今朝出門就唔見左. 應該是跌左係地, 被清潔姐姐掃走. very sad. Very sad. Very sad.Thank you @serinahfor arranging this.#verysad#我覺得自己做得好靚#希望聖誕唔會過得咁糟糕#聖誕花圈#christmaswreath#xmaswreath#希望你過得好#lost#notyetfound

Braulio Gamboa (@brockgamboa) Instagram Profile Photobrockgamboa

Braulio Gamboa

Lost in the jungle-#lost #jungla #verde 1668624626928303944

Lost in the jungle-#lost#jungla#verde

amber curtis (@ambercurtisphoto) Instagram Profile Photoambercurtisphoto

amber curtis

My favorite thing ever when is when I have a crazy 1668624030775568160

My favorite thing ever when is when I have a crazy idea out of the blue one day and some great friends who are willing to go all out to help me bring a concept to life. Endless love to you guys. #ambercurtisphotography#boredintricities#vintage#lost#adventure#abandonedplaces#abandoned#pnw#pnw#pnwphotographer#richlandphotographer#buildandbloom#moodygrams#hcollective#moodyports#quietthechaos#dark#letsgetlost#gingershavemorefun#washingtonphotographer#washington

Clinton Talionis (@beliallavi) Instagram Profile Photobeliallavi

Clinton Talionis

I have a hard time not being good enough. I can fi 1668622041140793975

I have a hard time not being good enough. I can fill so many shoes and so many roles. I am willing to do almost anything for the people that I love and care for. I rarely have feelings for or about anyone. But when I do they are intense and raging flames taking over my every thought. The most interesting part, to me, is how I know what love and connection are. I understand the base chemicals that create bond and trust. I understand how relationships are compromises and allowances. How my want for the people I want is purely tribal and biological. My system tells me that these people are ideal for me and my future. I still can not disconnect from it. Nor do I think I want to. I do not know.What I do know.... Is I am not good enough. I am almost enough. This hurts. Not because I can not have what I want how I want it. But because I am not good enough to have it. It's like getting an epic weapon on a video games only to find out you are not high enough level for it. I could work my way up and use it later on. I could wait and work hard and become what I'd needed to be good enough. But... That won't work. I can see how I am not good enough. How I am not the right tool for the goals in question. I have known this for a long time now.I live on a different path than the ones I love most. I understand out compatibility in the now limits our future. If... We don't plan for it. I understand that my current life is rough, low end and uncomfortable. I understand my worth is in ability and integrity. Skills brought on by struggle and suffering. I see the path ahead of me. And I will walk it barefoot through the thorns and poison ivy for as long as I have to in order to progress to the point where I may not be good enough for those that I love... But maybe I will be good enough for me.Every tear I she'd for those I've loved and lost, is made up of two that I she'd for the parts of me I've ignored. The reasons I keep going and don't take a nap on the train tracks. The reasons I push through hardship and pain like a snowplow on a locomotive. My own failures have gotten me in the place I am right now. I am sure they will take me even deeper at times. Until then...

Instagram Photo taken by jesusgodholyspirit_ 1668621342386462713
Ben Tomasek (@52dozendonuts) Instagram Profile Photo52dozendonuts

Ben Tomasek

If someone tells me to get lost, I take it as a co 1668621518386886829

If someone tells me to get lost, I take it as a compliment.