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image by @bordersdude with caption : "Starting a side hobby to transformers it seems! #tmnt #megaconstrux #megabloks #teenagemutantninjaturtles #teenagemutant"- 1696567835109461871
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image by Meagan (@mrs.b1019) with caption : "Manic Mower & Runaway Rowboat! So cute these sets! #despicableme #megaconstrux #minions #minionmade #nerdlife" - 1696559968114552052
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Manic Mower & Runaway Rowboat! So cute these sets! #megaconstrux

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Heroes series 7, photos from Facebook (Thanks to Aaron Mak for sharing these in Megabloks WORLDWIDE) #Megaconstrux

SteezyCollector (@helljumper_warzone) Instagram Profile Photo helljumper_warzone


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Atriox's Royal Red Guard's! I had a few spare Atriox figures sitting around for months and decided to finally dig into this project I have been wanting to do for months. And let me say, Im sure glad I did! I love how these guys turned out. I plan to pick up some more Atriox figures and add to the Guard squad soon. Hope you like what you see, let me know! Partners: @mega_bliks @blak_eyed_monk @thunderslug106 @pepperbuilds @jump_shots @halo.micro.warfare @texas_brickdude @maverickrecon17 #megaconstrux