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David Elorz (@david_elorz) Instagram Profile Photodavid_elorz

David Elorz

"La noche estrellada" de Vincent van Gogh. #moma # 1668157362462316217

"La noche estrellada" de Vincent van Gogh. #moma#vincentvangogh#momanewyork#art

scanzistefania (@scanzistefania) Instagram Profile Photoscanzistefania


Non potevo trovare di meglio. ️ #fridaynight #moma 1668155810839334316

Non potevo trovare di meglio. ️ #fridaynight#moma#johnnybgoode

Steve Messinis (@messinis_art) Instagram Profile Photomessinis_art

Steve Messinis

SIGNS OF THE TIME 1668154373921668104


Virginie (@helnelly) Instagram Profile Photohelnelly


MoMa à la @fondationlv du 11 Octobre au 5 Mars 181668152029664589092

MoMa à la @fondationlvdu 11 Octobre au 5 Mars 18#fondationlouisvuitton#moma#paris


모마 지박령 될 뻔 했으나 배에서 소리없는 아우성이 일어 #센트럴파크근처에서 밥 먹기로 했다가는 길에 로컬들은 창피해서 안하는 #러브에서 사진 찍기도 하고 (찍히기도 하고) 헿..고급진 몰에 투어리스트 티 뿜뿜내며 들어가 사먹은 #pizzarollio개맛 존맛 핵꿀맛센트럴파크는 진짜 도장만 찍듯 빠르게 몇장 건지고 제대로 즐기지 못하여따 ㅠㅠ날이 점점 어두워져 #브루클린으로 빨리 가야만 했으므로

theotherfeminism (@theotherfeminism) Instagram Profile Phototheotherfeminism


Was blown away by Tala Madani's painted animation Chit Chat. Here is what #momasays about it: Madani's silent, stop-motion animation videos, which consist of over two thousand painted images per minute, are contemporary parables illustrating a repertoire of weakness and vice. The male protagonists in her works are both tragic and comical—primitive beings propelled by hubris and ignorance, rendered amorphously through a thick application of paint. By placing these figures in situations where they are subject to humiliation or violence, Madani performs a critique of patriarchal structures of power, fundamentalism, and sexism.Chit Chat depicts a flurry of fruitless dealings among an anonymous group of men. Formless and easily malleable, it is difficult to decipher where one figure ends and another begins. As their futile exchanges grow increasingly violent, the work's innocuous title takes on a more sinister connotation as a euphemism for conflict, brutality, and war.#talamadani#t#museumofmodernart