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Joseph Goode (@giant_asian) Instagram Profile Photogiant_asian

Joseph Goode

Wow I can’t believe it’s been only 4 months since1672820526785900737

Wow I can’t believe it’s been only 4 months since this little man came out into this world! Everyday we learn something knew because of this guy and I seriously love it. Love you little guy.#4monthsold#proudfather#thefuture#mondaymotivation#myson#futureballer#futurenbaplayer#happiness#newdad#nodadbod#hapa#growth#success#future#goals#family#fatherandson#myboy#motivation#thoseeyes

Keenan Booker (@keenanbooker83) Instagram Profile Photokeenanbooker83

Keenan Booker

The Black Mans Bible by THEGOD720Christmas Sale C 1672820471160432251

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Below Parallel, LLC (@below_parallel) Instagram Profile Photobelow_parallel

Below Parallel, LLC

You have to want it this bad.-Thanks for sharing 1672820478509375427

You have to want it this bad.-Thanks for sharing this story, @norikvardanian.-#repost@norikvardanian・・・#mondaymotivationfrom the 1985 World Championships. This was my father's 3rd attempt snatch at 177.5kg(390lbs). You can clearly see how his bottom position is slightly off. He was having knee pain and fluid was building up in his knee. Between some of his attempts, Doctors had to draw some of the fluid around his knee in order for him to be able to squat. What is even more impressive about this story is what happened in the clean & jerk. After making 215kg(473lbs) on his second attempt, he was crowned World Champion (secured 3 gold medals). He decided to move up to 220kg(484lbs) on his third attempt. It wasn't a world record, he didn't need it for gold, it was purely my father being a champion. He took 220kg and made it on his 3rd and final lift. Afterwards when asked why he took 220kg on his third attempt he replied "I didn't want to win on just bodyweight, I had to show people I had more in me." This is the heart of a champion. Hopefully this will help you get through your tough Monday.

PegasusCityBrewery (@pegasuscitybrewery) Instagram Profile Photopegasuscitybrewery


Shop...while you drink! Christmas is a week away w 1672819398477271643

Shop...while you drink! Christmas is a week away which means shopping days are dwindling and stress levels are rising...but don’t fret - head over to the taproom tonight and check those last few folks off your list as you enjoy a delicious, well-deserved pint. Did we mention we have gift boxes, too? ️#tinytapopens at 5!

I see your Monday and I'll raise you Tuesday throu 1672820411995592773

I see your Monday and I'll raise you Tuesday through Sunday... #entrepreneurship#optimist#limitless#infinity#grind#entrepreneur#mondaymotivation