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Mitch Phillips (@mmitchphillipss) Instagram Profile Photommitchphillipss

Mitch Phillips

We climb so many unessacary mountains in our life. 1670270074583433959

We climb so many unessacary mountains in our life. Though these mountains don't exist. We all have at some point, or more than often, made something so small, out to be the most unsolvable dilema. Why do we do this? Well, dont we have something to prove, a game to win? Society seems to make us believe that we were put here to solve the unsolvable, to succeed or win in the game in which we dont even know we are playing. Why? When we live such finite lives. The true goal, or reason in which we seek is here. You are in it right now. All you need to do is look up. Look around. Be a part of the manifestation of the moment, in this oh so grand panorama of expierence. Realize that this is all there is. Realize that what is, is you. Peace and love my friends. Spread love and kindness wherever you may roam.#gratitude#pointofview#perception#acceptance#happiness#kindness#deepthought#understanding#peace#love#awakening#nature#namaste#morninghike#waterford#puremichigan#balance#innerpeace#calmnessofmind#noworries

Alisa Alexandra (@alisalexi) Instagram Profile Photoalisalexi

Alisa Alexandra

Nong Khiaw#morninghike 1670236034333506795

Nong Khiaw#morninghike

Charmaine Loh (@charmainesureen) Instagram Profile Photocharmainesureen

Charmaine Loh

Ross Jeffries (@rosscojeff) Instagram Profile Photorosscojeff

Ross Jeffries

Travel | Food | Love | Life (@perkytraveler_) Instagram Profile Photoperkytraveler_

Travel | Food | Love | Life

7am Lions rock climb 🇱🇰 1670192493624649567

7am Lions rock climb 🇱🇰

Sara Black Blakemore (@sbchama) Instagram Profile Photosbchama

Sara Black Blakemore

Loved every minute of my time with this chica! #mo 1670158641070944060

Loved every minute of my time with this chica! #morninghike#reunitedanditfeelssogood#coloradosprings