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image by @lemoncitoron with caption : "The broad dominantly andesitic stratovolcano rises above the northern end of the Kanto Plain. The sunset tinged Mt.Akagi"- 1697065873352561182
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The broad dominantly andesitic stratovolcano rises above the northern end of the Kanto Plain. The sunset tinged Mt.Akagi with a rosy flash. Really gentle expression. #mtakagi


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January 20, 2018 △赤城山❄スノートレッキング△ 曇り空が晴れて、ポカポカ山行☀ 白い雪は、青い空によく映える! 楽しく良い1日でした❤ #mtakagi


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I went on my first solo hike! 💃 Last year, some of my closest friends got me into hiking. I only hiked a few times, yet I fell in love with it. I had always gone with a group, but this year, I aimed to plan and do my own solo hike. ⛰ Planning my solo hike also forced me to travel to a place I haven't been before. I witnessed cool, new activities (ice fishing 🎣) and sights I had never seen before (a frozen lake 🏞️)! I learned a few valuable lessons from my trip today: 1.) Solo hikes are LIBERATING! Getting in touch with nature 🎄 is therapeutic. It's a great opportunity to have an honest conversation with myself... to think about the values and priorities in my life ATM. I could hammer out the issues that are on my mind and really feel alive and well. 🤔 2.) It forces me to really plan and map out the schedule. 🕒 I lost two hours because I used an outdated bus schedule 🚈 😅. Calculating the transport and hiking times was a tough, but valuable experience. 3.) I learned the humbling lessons of never overestimating my abilities and under-preparing my equipment. I thought I could do a snow hike without crampons or hiking sticks... That was STUPID. Going down the mountain, I had to crawl on my hands and feet. I gave up going to the summit because I knew the chances of getting injured was high. Definitely looking forward to doing another snow hike, and of course, when the weather warms up, regular hikes! Who's down to to with me? 🤗 #mtakagi

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. pic1 前から気になっていたフローレンの巾着をget💕 映画の半券のクリアファイルも間に合いました🎶 pic2 こんなにかわいい😍 pic3 バレンタイン仕様のママがお出迎えしてくれました❤️ pic4 おさびし山の帰り道に寄っただけです😁 桐生市街の向こうに赤城山がどーんと丸見え🏔 青空気持ちいい☀️ 里山ハイキングもいいな👟 . おさびし山&ムーミンショップでhappyな1日でした😊💓 . #mtakagi

erhangate (@erhangate) Instagram Profile Photo erhangate


image by erhangate (@erhangate) with caption : "いつかの赤城山の夜。
#赤城山 #mtakagi #星景" - 1695012900702570090
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いつかの赤城山の夜。 雲が出て...だったけれど コレはコレでいいかも。 #mtakagi

Enjoy the Earth! ちきゅうとあそび隊 (@earth.asobitai) Instagram Profile Photo earth.asobitai

Enjoy the Earth! ちきゅうとあそび隊

image by Enjoy the Earth! ちきゅうとあそび隊 (@earth.asobitai) with caption : "【おや?】
You see the laws of perspective!?
#青空 #冬空 #澄みきった空 
#いちょう並木 #整然 #遠近法
#スッキリ #群馬 #前橋
#赤城南麓 #coun" - 1693486523380444493
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【おや?】 You see the laws of perspective!? こんなところに、 見事な遠近法がっ! . #mtakagi

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今年も雪山初めは赤城山から! 大沼もガッチガチに凍ってるし、こはんのバーディー赤城??って食堂の赤城うどんは今年もうまかっーたぁー 帰りは永井食堂でモツ煮をテイクアウト👍 今日も最高の山行でした!! あと3週間で登山人生の全てが試される笑 しっかり準備し、万全の状態で挑みたい👍 #mtakagi

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赤城山(黒檜山〜駒ヶ岳)1/6…その❸ 絶景スポットからの眺め…その❷ エビのしっぽ🦐感がドデカイ❗️😳 風が強いので飛び散る雪☃️ 鳥居 もう一つの絶景スポットからの眺め(筑波山・富士山もうっすら見えました✨👀) 黒檜山を振り返る 雪のトンネルをくぐると駒ヶ岳✨🙌🏻 違う角度からの大沼 #mtakagi