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Hard Body Hoops

 Young Boy @camreddish going To Be A Problem In Th 1668971175391196202

Young Boy @camreddishgoing To Be A Problem In The Future. Keep Working!!VC: @hoopmajorhm

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Michael"BigMiike" Preston

Oh we talking Kings 🤴??? Oh we talking Kings 🤴???1668969744663130806

Oh we talking Kings 🤴??? Oh we talking Kings 🤴??? @kingjames#striveforgreatness#dmvsportstalkradio_________________________Turn on the notifications #dmvsportstalkradioshow hosted by @og_vonb& @dev_jennwill be back this Thursday from 6-8pm! You watch on IG Live, FB Live, or Follow the navigation on https://signmichaelpreston.wordpress.com________________________#clevelandcavaliers#sportstalk#216#lebronjames#mvp#nba#lebronvsjordan#cavsnation#klove#isaihthomas#jrsmith#dwaynewade#believeland#nbachamps

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Ben Chiang 姜善懷

Looking back, I still remember my very first SISAC 1668972390926232483

Looking back, I still remember my very first SISAC basketball game that took place almost 4 years ago. Tbh it doesn't feel that long ago. And now looking at my computer screen, replaying the video tape of my last basketball game over and over again, realizing this is the last SISAC basketball game that I'll ever played in this stadium. And I began to wonder.... how does that happened The reality hits me so hard that it actually makes this whole thing feels surreal - years of my high school basketball career just ended. 4 years of my life flashes by before I even realized. All the sweat, bloods and occasional tears, all the plays that ever happened in this stadium, all the people with all that joy... those will be in my memory forever as they are the most significant days in my life. Thank you team, thank you basketball... and thank you God Lmao yes, thank you God, Hallelujah! A lot of people described baptism as a tsunami for what God has done in their life. Just 5 days after my baptism, I torn my ACL. That pretty much killed my basketball season. But I can see the heart of God through this injury. I've always told myself to put God first, family second and basketball third. But if I'm entirely honest to myself, I put basketball first in front of everything... For the past 4 years, I often skipped youth group and Sunday church to play basketball. But I want all of you to know that this injury is not a punishment from God, but a chance. Without basketball, I had so much of quiet time to pray and listen. I soon realized that I'm not in control of thingsthat will happen in my life but the one who is in total control and what really matters in life. So I stopped trying to control things and let him took over. God is faithful and answered all my prayers. From my minutes to play on the court, my scores, my performance, to my health and etc. All of these tiny things showed me how real God is and how amazing the plans that God has for each one of us. To my none Christian friends, I know this might sounds ridiculous, but I pray that God will show you the most amazing things in life as he showed me.And lastly... Sabres on 3!️

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Godwina Sean Bernice

Keep up positive vibes and gratitude vibes always1668973208177311629

Keep up positive vibes and gratitude vibes always lolol