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Oatmeal pancakes: Beating hunger pangs at 3am.!️Victoria Secret model @karliekloss's recipe. Tried it, tastes really good, super easy and healthy. Can't possibly go wrong with this oneI made 2 servings. Ingredients:1) Oatmeal - 2 Fistfuls2) Banana - 4 (small)3) Eggs - 24) Cinnamon powder - 2 pinches5) Coconut oil6) Honey / Maple syrup - For topping.If not available, add sugar to the batter accordingly so it adds sweetness.Method:- Mash bananas in a bowl. - Beat the eggs separately (whole) and add it all to the bowl.- To this add: oatmeal, cinnamon powder and vanilla essence (optional). I added 2tsp sugar (I had ran out of maple syrup /honey) and mix it all.- Heat a pan, smear some coconut oil and pour out little pancakes.*Please ensure the pan is on medium heat else it'll go dark quickly on the outside but not cooked on the inside.#healthyeating#healthyfood#pancakes#pancakelover#oatmeal#oatmealpancakes#glutenfree#nondairy#pune#punediaries#lovemylife

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#daily overview of lunch #oatmeal biscuits 1671374892124361737

#dailyoverview of lunch #oatmealbiscuits

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New recipe. Salted caramel oatmeal cookies! The ba 1671371868777920698

New recipe. Salted caramel oatmeal cookies! The batter tasted delicious, haven't tried the finished product yet! #baking#christmascookies#cookies#homemade#saltedcaramel#oatmeal#saltedcarameloatmeal#warmcookies#christmasbaking

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Valentina Ribeiro

Green Smoothie Time with a little bit of Christmas 1671263188974686123

Green Smoothie Time with a little bit of Christmas cheer ! 🥦I personally recommend this for those of you guys that really enjoy your greens 🥗This smoothie contains protein and pure energy to kickstart your day!SugarDairyHere’s what I blended in:2 whole vines of parsley2 broccoli heads🥦1 whole celery ( bottom not included)2 big scoops of sugar free Greek yogurt 🤤2 packets sugar substitute (I used Splenda, you may also use stevia)1 tablespoon of chia seeds🥄1/3 cup of whole oats🥣I didn’t count exactly how much water I used, I just filled until it reached half way through the veggies. How much water you use will determine the consistency of your smoothie. You may also blend some ice in️. In all honesty, this isn’t my personal favorite smoothie, but it is a great way to get all the nutrients you need easily and quickly. It still tastes pretty good in my opinion though! Don’t forget to comment what your thoughts are 🤔#healthyfood#oatmeal#delicious#breakfast#healthybreakfast#healthyeating#healthylifestyle#healthy#healthyoatmeal#healthyoats#greensmoothie#smoothie#healthysmoothie#sugarfree#dairyfree#lactosefree#yummy#homemade

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Valentina Ribeiro

Healthy chocolatechunk cookies !!! Is anyone as1670759665119885375

Healthy chocolatechunk cookies !!! Is anyone as excited as I am🤤?!Still can’t get over the fact that these are completely guilt-free. LactoseAdded SugarThese babies are so delicious, I can’t get enough of them. Also, they are super easy to make and in my case, I had every single ingredient in my house, I didn’t even have to go buy anything!Besides from being super nutritive and delicious, they leave you super sated and one cookie is enough! Want to know what they’re made of? Here’s the ingredient list️!1/2 a cup of coconut sugar🥥1 cup of oat flour🥣 ( if you have whole oats, you can simply throw them in the blender and there you go! )One tablet of dark sugar free chocolate and chop it up ( you may also buy the chunks, but make sure they are sugar free)1/4 cup of liquid coconut oil🥥1/4 cup of shaved coconut 🥥1 egg 🥚Squirt of vanilla extract (optional)🥄A little sprinkle of baking soda🥄Preheat oven to 350ºMix wet ingredientsAdd in dry ingredients one by one.Mix in the chunks in by hand with a big spoon 🥄Wait for the batter to thicken for 10 minutesScoop a little batter and place them on parchment paper with space between (they grow a lot)Bake for aprox 8 to 10 minutes.Super easy and quick!️ Comment down below what you think#healthyfood#oatmeal#delicious#breakfast#healthybreakfast#healthyeating#healthylifestyle#healthy#healthyoatmeal#healthyoats#chocolate#sugarfree#dairyfree#lactosefree#yummy#homemade