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This is a Jewish protest that took place right out 1667987199884507451

This is a Jewish protest that took place right outside the steps of the Dome of the Rock. Israeli police kicked them outside the premises where the protest continued outside the walls. The peaceful protest consisted of songs sung in Hebrew which generally spoke about the land being theirs. -- - this photograph was taken with a camera -----Make this your wallpaper by following the link below.Some of the Israel photos will be reposted, just cause I like them.If you'd like to download/buy prints from the Israel collection just follow the link. Most of the photographs should be there. If there's one you saw that isn't on the site, let me know.хотеть купить фотографии? нажмите на ссылку ‎إذا أردت تحميل/شراء صور من مجموعة صور إسرائيل، اضغط على الرابط التالي.Si te gustaría comprar photos de la serie "Israel", siga el link.супер#фотограф#фото#красивая#улица#followme#tbt#me#cute