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🍑German Cosplayer, 🌈, Lvl. 21🍑 (@pinkpeachescosplay) Instagram Profile Photopinkpeachescosplay

🍑German Cosplayer, 🌈, Lvl. 21🍑

Another picture taken at Dokomi2017.I'm so in lo 1670957539354740000
Reindeer Miku ft. Christmas Llama~I completely f 1670928695932873331

Reindeer Miku ft. Christmas Llama~I completely finished one of my boys from The Men of Yoshiwara: Kikuya. Oh my GOD, it was so damn damn fucking adorable and cute, my chest hurt by the end of it..QOTD: Y'all like claw machines?? ..#cosplay#cosplays#cosplayer#cosplayers#cosplaygirl#cosplayergirl#cosplayersofinstagram#cosplaymodel#plussize#plussizecosplay#plussizecosplayer#plussizegirl#plussizegirls#plussizemodel#chubby#chubbygirl#chubbygirls#vocaloid#vocaloidcosplay#miku#hatsunemiku#mikucosplay#hatsunemikucosplay#reindeer#christmas#merrychristmas#happyholidays#piercings

{{Dahlia Ives}} (@baphokat) Instagram Profile Photobaphokat

{{Dahlia Ives}}

So, I have a bad memory, because of medications I' 1670873648025562233

So, I have a bad memory, because of medications I'm on, and whenever it comes to cosplay and trying to think of who I wanna cosplay, specifically my favorite animes, for some reason, I can't come up with any. So, my boyfriend suggested Izuna from #nogamenolife . Her being a younger character, (Just like with Shiro and even Kanna from #misskobayashisdragonmaid ) I don't feel comfortable with cosplaying them or going through with it because I'm a big busty girl and I'm terrified of getting accused of sexualizing a character. Especially a little protected babu.So, this was his response lol it made my night.(It's hard enough trying to find appropriate cosplays as is for my body type!) #cosplay#plussizecosplayer#plussizecosplay#cosplayer#plussize#bodypositive#tryingtoacceptmysize

Sarah June (@overthemoonjune) Instagram Profile Photooverthemoonjune

Sarah June

Yesterday someone commented on a photo from this s 1670850002316941246

Yesterday someone commented on a photo from this shoot on thephotographers page and called us cows. I just wanna take a moment to spread love instead of hatred. If you struggle with your body image, if you have ever looked in the mirror and disliked what you see, I want you to know that you are lovely. No matter your size or shape, gender, orientation, etc. You are lovely. The things in this world that make you ugly aren’t external. Love yourself. Live your life with happiness. Have courage. Be kind.I’ve struggled for years with what my body looks like. I’ve had some very low lows. And just in the last year or two I’ve been working very hard to be happy with who I am. I love myself. I love my chub. I love my stretch marks. That doesn’t mean I’m always happy with the way I look. I have my moments. But I will always choose to love myself.This shoot with my Best was so much fun. Thank you so much for suggesting it and setting everything up, Mari! We should do it again soon!: @captain.m.morgan: @atp__photography....#sonico#supesonico#supersonicocosplay#sonicoandpochaco#sonicoandpochacophotoshoot#superpochaco#plussize#plussizecosplay#fatcosplay#plussizecosplayer#boudoir

Garnet Runestar (@garnet_runestar) Instagram Profile Photogarnet_runestar

Garnet Runestar

STAR WAAAARRSSSSS. I'm dying to see the new movie, 1670823140760415309

STAR WAAAARRSSSSS. I'm dying to see the new movie, but it'll be a while before I get to do so.In the meantime, here's a shot of the quick ceremonial white dress Leia I made when the last movie came out! Made in about a day with what I happened to have on hand. It's not movie accurate by an means, but it was fun to wear!

💛 Walking Anime Tiddy 💛 (@chubby.senpai) Instagram Profile Photochubby.senpai

💛 Walking Anime Tiddy 💛


SCREEEEE IM FINALLY DONE WITH FINALS!!! Im exited to go home and exist for a month ~