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Juan Camilo Morales Rendon (@furiapollito) Instagram Profile Photofuriapollito

Juan Camilo Morales Rendon

Y ahora un poema... #Burger #HomeMade #Nofilter #P 1672186876000014385
I am aggressionI am jealousyI am lustI am re 1672186821767144109
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I am aggressionI am jealousyI am lustI am regret.I am fearfulI am sickAnd everyday it's hardTo get out of bed.I am dishonestWith myself, the guiltReplays through my head.This forces me to projectMy insecurities unto othersUntil all of my friends are deadAnd gone, I tell myself theyLeft me and moved on. ICan't love myself, so I feelLike I will always do themWrong. I tried to speak toGod but he couldn't reallyHear me, because my voiceWas too far sunk in the drunkenIdleness of unconscious living.I am lazyI am cynicalI am pessimistic at the least.I have dreams of dancingWith the devil but in realityHeaven is what I truly seek.I am lostMy vision is now blurry and bleak.So now I work for the Shepard,Living a life that's so meekLike a sheep.I am brokeI can't sleep.These demons they've breachedThe barriers of my mind;The same barriers that wereSupposed to be superiorTo this absence of light.I am in a constant fightWith who I want to be.I am still a student of life,But what I've learned so far,Is that my worst enemyIs my inner me.#poetry#nocommission

Gabriela Kopari (@gkopari) Instagram Profile Photogkopari

Gabriela Kopari

I love Lake Superior so much1672178624519765244

I love Lake Superior so much

Its_not_about_me (@its_not_about_me1965) Instagram Profile Photoits_not_about_me1965


See me nowSee how I amI haven’t changed so much1672186816272575263

See me nowSee how I amI haven’t changed so much by even a gramI think I’m healedI think I’m okBut that’s not what my skin says at the end of the dayI’m me when I wake upI’m me when I sleepBut is it me that I truly want to keep?I’ve been so tiredThere’s just no useNot after these years and years of abuseThey all leavethey never stayedDon’t worry that lesson is surely engravedEmbedded and nestledLike a sweet little birdWho always chirps that one little wordThe one with loveThe one with hateIt’s always the word that comes too lateIt’s just a fillerAn empty excuseTell me who I am and tell me the truthDon’t give me your wordsOf false compareThey’re just as meaningless as the thin airI expect it nowLike it’s own little armyI can’t recall how many times I’ve heard “I’m sorry”#sorry#poetry#poems#sad#original#poetsofinstagram#butterfly#pretty