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Ashlee Kraus (@ashleekraus504) Instagram Profile Photoashleekraus504

Ashlee Kraus

When a heart is in the hands of a #weak ass,You1669466757507897713

When a heart is in the hands of a #weakass,Youwill be deemed THE crazy one,THE wrong one,THE one who requires fixing,,The weak one will gather spectators to give agreed #judgementand whispers among the crowds will all agree upon the opinion of said weak one.Ive witnessed too many brightened skies turn todarkness,I have foolishly Let too many birthday candles burn down to its waxy spine,Released too many empty prayers,pleas and screamsto the cosmic gods to " Fix me,Ill do whatever I have to be ..normal.." Declaration of never giving ignorantly granting to a weak one again... Ill never lighten my yoke of creativity because it does not align with your thrift store religion book collection,I will never have toExplain myself until-body- on the floor, panting and tight fists, fingernails digging in shaking palms,Givingcareful notice and restraintof the range of motion they wish to take...on flesh and bone because I have taught myself its the only way to grasp the attentionof your disgusting pride..Sit your ass down, weak one... Sit and feast on this awakening meal entitled.,"No one has any regard for your Knowledgable bullshit today..,"I will sit you down in front of me and spoon feed you til all morsel and crumb is ingested, as I once fed my babes... Your body language speaks libraries that you are unteachable.Unaccepting of anything other than what the maternal professor once fed you to sustain life.. You walk in her disgusting doctrine and preach it slyly in the corridors and town squares...Yet, she ,too, is a castle where no one will visit... Because, pride, oh disgusting pride,Is a terrible poison.I celebrate the long coming day I found the antibody...So sit down, weak ass.Let me start from the beginning.... #december2017#1amspokenword#ramblings#isanyonearoundme#writers#angrywords#wordtherapy#iamwhoiam#strongwoman#weakmen#strongwomandoctrine#1amrawwords#rawwords..#poetrycommunity#poetrygirl

Sema Başar 🇹🇷 Poetry Girl (@poetrygirll) Instagram Profile Photopoetrygirll

Sema Başar 🇹🇷 Poetry Girl


Günaydının geç saatleri# ⭐#poetrygirl#poetrygirlsema

Nzeh Chika Victoria (@v_azenta) Instagram Profile Photov_azenta

Nzeh Chika Victoria

Happiness is key to so many good things. Learn to1669487829203294828

Happiness is key to so many good things. Learn to leave behind the things which make you sad for happiness. If something or someone makes you happy, do not take it or them for granted... People are out there in search of happiness. I like to think it as a sacred gift. Good morning beautiful people @naeytoh@9josky@pharouq66@dafe_richards@poetolu@poetrybysamantha@poetrytuesday@soffychic@fayvmoya_@missmoji_official@jesseosuji#happinessquotes#poetrymedilag#poetryunplugged#poemsofinstagram#poemsandquotes#blackwriter#africanwriters#poemsoftheheart#writersofinstagram#poetrygirl

J E A N AK A ' A L A (@aloha.kaala) Instagram Profile Photoaloha.kaala

J E A N AK A ' A L A

neziswa makana1669340154386521827

neziswa makana

Marina Mango (@the_mango) Instagram Profile Photothe_mango

Marina Mango

Є двері - відкриті для рідних людей,Затишних обій 1669340463390046598

Є двері - відкриті для рідних людей,Затишних обіймів і свіжих ідей,За чаєм розмов, бурі з сміху і сліз,Для зустрічей з грифом "Секретно. На біс"© Маринка Манго#marynkamangopoetry#poetry#poetrygram#poetryofinstagram#poetrysociety#poetrylover#poetryart#poetrylovers#poetrygirl#poetryworld#door#nightcity#nightynight#window

J E A N AK A ' A L A (@aloha.kaala) Instagram Profile Photoaloha.kaala

J E A N AK A ' A L A

Happy birthday big sis!! You're my favorite oldest 1669193167720863009

Happy birthday big sis!! You're my favorite oldest sister and I'm so glad you came out first to be the first to make all the mistakes so by the time I made them the punishments weren't as bad. And I'm also glad you're the oldest so that I didn't have to do the yard work growing up. I guess being the oldest of three girls means you get to be the boy too. I love you so much and I'm so thankful that you are someone I can call best friend. I'm also thankful that you have THREE kids for me to snuggle and kiss and one is old enough to give me foot massages and make me coffee! Hooray for that! You rock at momming! Love you!!