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Stay thirsty, my friends.#dietplan #diettips #pro 1669872714016629781
Lara & Ashley {13Days Until🎅🏼} (@_youtube.youtubers) Instagram Profile Photo_youtube.youtubers

Lara & Ashley {13Days Until🎅🏼}

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Tom Catris

In case you guys missed this live footage yesterda 1669840507616241155

In case you guys missed this live footage yesterday. I’ve gotten several questions about this exercise and for the most part I’ve only explained this to my clients and for those who’ve asked me in the past. So here’s a few quick tip in doing this variation:...• Keep your arms straight throughout the whole movement starting from the bottom with minimal to no bend on your elbows at the top of the movement (if you have to bend your elbows, it’s too heavy - pick a lighter weight)...• ONLY twist your wrist at the top. This will ensure your front delt is fully flexed and you’re only supporting the weight with your front delt. (twisting your elbow prematurely will incorporate your biceps and a little chest on the way up because you’d be dragging the dumbbell from the bottom with your palm facing up). Since we want to isolate our front delt only, make sure you’re only twisting/flexing your front delt at the top of the movement....• Bring the dumbbell towards the middle of your chest and give it a good pause at the top before you lower the dumbbell....• Doing the seated variation will limit momentum which will make this exercise a little bit more challenging. Because of this you will not be able to lift as much weight as standing. ...• Like the standing variation, still keep your elbows straight throughout the movement starting from the bottom. ...• Make sure you don’t go all the way up when you’re sitting down. Doing so, will take the tension off your front delts. Stop right before your arms are vertical....Give these a try and let me know how you like it, or if you have any other questions. If you want to record yourself doing these don’t hesitate to tag me in it. 🤙...#frontdelts#shoulderday#workout#excercise#gym#protip#personaltrainer#tommiethursday#tommiegunsfitness

Ya girl finished her first semester of grad school 1669861896629930812

Ya girl finished her first semester of grad school (hollaaaa)!!!! Here are some things I’ve learned so far: •there is SO much to learn about everything and I am barely chipping the iceberg! •the Lord has placed me on a challenging journey, but provided me with the best people and place to help me through it •socks with tevas/chacos make them all-year-round shoes #protip•there is a famous poem by robert burns about a louse crawling up a woman’s bonnet in church • coffeecoffeecoffeeeeeeeemorecoffeeThanks to everyone that asked me how I was doing, prayed over me, encouraged me, made me laugh, sat and talked about ideas for a paper with me, or showed me love in any way this semester. Only 3 more to go!!! #masteramelia

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Ozeane Realty Inc.

It’s almost #Friday! In the meantime, enjoy this # 1669855585217820025

It’s almost #friday ! In the meantime, enjoy this #protipfrom our #experts! #realestate#realty

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Julie B. Wise

Everyone has a tendency to let expectation and jud 1669855395323080789

Everyone has a tendency to let expectation and judgement hijack their ability to do the impossible. What if you celebrate failure instead of being afraid to make a mistake? Cultivate a life of ease by laughing at your missteps. #protip

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Sonia | Travel Addict

Winter in Spain is all like, "I'm cold! LOL JK." A 1669852886424650974

Winter in Spain is all like, "I'm cold! LOL JK." And thus the off-season is amazing. It's 'cold' but not *cold* and you pretty much have Spain to yourself. There are a few less open pintxo bars, granted, but as mentioned before, this in no way puts a person in danger of not having enough to eat or drink. #protip