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Juan-Miguel Pozo Cruz (@pozocruz) Instagram Profile Photopozocruz

Juan-Miguel Pozo Cruz

Amanda Bastos (@amanddabastos) Instagram Profile Photoamanddabastos

Amanda Bastos

INNER #17#innergia#dashdot#rampa#innermultiart️Já é carnaval

Torture the Artist (@torture_the_artist) Instagram Profile Phototorture_the_artist

Torture the Artist

REVIEW @yotam_avni 'Mabruk EP' [#innervisions]Te 1667715599205256800

REVIEW @yotam_avni'Mabruk EP' [#innervisions ]Tel-Aviv is home to many historical and cultural wonders, but we may just add ‘deeply rooted forward thinking shit’ while at it. A former music journalist and Tel Aviv nightclub resident DJ, #yotamavni , has emerged out of the Israeli party capital’s underground scene into the global electronic music jurisdiction through the dynamic tunnels of industry luminaries, most audibly, Innervisions. Even our estranged brothers and sisters outside of the electronic music macrocosm are not entirely unacquainted with Avni either. The first ‘secret weapon’ on Innervisions’ eighth anthology of dancefloor materiel, which straightforwardly is the Hebrew word for fixing/rectification but with polysemous Judaic connotations, has even made a cameo in Yeezy’s, ‘Freestyle 4,’ something this Kanye West fan may bowl over for. Yes, Kanye is Yeezy, we all knew that. Just this year, the 25 year old has released on @hotflushuk(twice), #gorilla , Balans and , among others, an impressive follow up to the Secret Weapons 8’s first act and standout track, Tikkun. Joining the ranks of SW8 cohort, @rampa_keinemusik , Avni too, is welcomed back, this time for his own EP, on the prominent yet meticulous label’s wing.Read the full review of Yotam Avni's 'Mabruk EP' by @meee_moin the bio link.Visit & follow Torture the Artist & YouTube: Torture The Artist for the latest news in electronic music!#mabruk#jorniel#midastouch#yeezy#kanyewest#secretweapons#dixon#ame#hotflush#watergate#rampa#keinemusik#berlin#telaviv#underground#deephouse#techno

Jessa Rosima (@jessarosima) Instagram Profile Photojessarosima

Jessa Rosima

daniel zam (@mundo_zam) Instagram Profile Photomundo_zam

daniel zam

Asi de jodones somos en #Catan #rampa #parkour #so 1667686517571500577
Ladrilhos Maria Estela (@ladrilhosmariaestela) Instagram Profile Photoladrilhosmariaestela

Ladrilhos Maria Estela

Boa segunda! Aqui na fabrica da @ladrilhosmariaest 1667663555208796509

Boa segunda! Aqui na fabrica da @ladrilhosmariaestelacontinua tudo a vapor!Bora trabalhar! #ladrilhohidraulico#ladrilhos#piso#calcada#rampa

DJ/Producer (@dj_jade_rolt) Instagram Profile Photodj_jade_rolt


What a night we spent @cuebcn last friday Thanks t 1667559022053738611
Cue BcnReportShareDownload467

What a night we spent @cuebcnlast friday Thanks to all of you for coming and @mine_miafor her super music️. Como nos lo pasamos el viernes pasado en @cuebcnGracias a todos por venir y a @mine_miapor su super música️. #rampa#letsdance#connection#musicistheanswer#pioneerdj#deephouse#funktionone

SLOPE HUNTER ᴮᵞ ᴸᴱᴬᴺᴰᴿᴼ ᴿᴴᴱᴵᴺ (@slopehunter) Instagram Profile Photoslopehunter

SLOPE HUNTER ᴮᵞ ᴸᴱᴬᴺᴰᴿᴼ ᴿᴴᴱᴵᴺ

pra sempre lembrar que este dia existiu , e que a1667540951147234017

pra sempre lembrar que este dia existiu , e que a @arenacorinthiansabriu as portas pra gente levar os acolhidos da clínica @comunidadenovaesperancapara passar um dia todo por lá. ....subindo as rampas e depois assistindo o jogo !A gente não sabe parar, e é por isso que vem mais coisa por aí.lembrança essa eternamente dentro dos nossos corações ‍️️