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Hoover but the -over is silent (@bertlsucc) Instagram Profile Photo bertlsucc

Hoover but the -over is silent

image by Hoover but the -over is silent (@bertlsucc) with caption : ""I feel like I'm loosing you..." (credit to opiol on Tumblr)

#snk #aot #reibert #reinerbraun #bertholdthoover" - 1693691116580304766
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"I feel like I'm loosing you..." (credit to opiol on Tumblr) #reibert

TheMagicMango (@lgbtq_animemango) Instagram Profile Photo lgbtq_animemango


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Have some Reibert... I never post anymore so heh. ,_, I think I’m going to start posting more ships and memes. So ye. You can request ships, send me pictures to send. But PLEASE tell me the artist. Thank you. (Credit to Artists/Unknown.) Note: Will take down if requested by creator/Artist! [Follow @lgbtq_animemango for more.] • • • • Tags ↓ #ReiBert

thecrazyfujoshi (@the_queen_of_yaoi05) Instagram Profile Photo the_queen_of_yaoi05


image by thecrazyfujoshi (@the_queen_of_yaoi05) with caption : "Anime/Manga= Attack On Titan/進撃の巨人

Ship: ReiBert (Reiner Braun X Bertholdt Hoover)

Credits Of The Artist= ??? Tags: #r" - 1693175547490527412
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I’m here to show you canon ereri merch and shit you’re welcome (Any hate comments will be reported and you will be blocked)~ { #reibert }