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Pengeen banget bs ikut project kyk gini @Regranned from @gustiindrar - ๐Ÿ”Š"Listening Section" More coming soon. THE OF A SOFT MAN | BLESSED HOME SERIES (part1)โœ” . A #reminder of protecting ourselves from 's and not becoming overcome by them . . ๐Ÿ“–References: Watch "FreeQuranEducation" on Watch "The Story of a Soft Hearted Man" on . Help them, , make more illustration videos and earn Sadqa Jaria. -

Roti Maryam Syabab (@rotimaryam.syabab) Instagram Profile Photo rotimaryam.syabab

Roti Maryam Syabab

image by Roti Maryam Syabab (@rotimaryam.syabab) with caption : "Betull bangeet! 
Roti Maryam Syabab cocok dinikmati untuk semua keluarga.

#familyisimportant #rotimaryam #frozenfood #r" - 1695746447663649663
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Betull bangeet! Roti Maryam Syabab cocok dinikmati untuk semua keluarga. #reminder

SAH-shuh.Shuh-NAY (@sasha.shaina) Instagram Profile Photo sasha.shaina


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these days, these days............ major to you bro @arjonacollection .. sometimes all you have to do is sit back and your will come to you. ( [offtopic] #reminder: watch out for the lonely thirst traps. is really a .) have a day! PS) Charlotte, what are we doing this ?

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โ€œWhen a person disappears, everything becomes with that person's . Every single object as well as every space becomes a #reminder of , as if absence were more important than โ€.

Tamara Forth (@go_forth__) Instagram Profile Photo go_forth__

Tamara Forth

image by Tamara Forth (@go_forth__) with caption : "Thank you for the reminder." - 1695744189792683013
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Thank you for the reminder.