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Danzig's Roost (@roostersanctuary) Instagram Profile Photoroostersanctuary

Danzig's Roost

Ultimately, their lives are in our hands.We get1671791325207296968

Ultimately, their lives are in our hands.We get to choose whether or not we are the reason animals suffer and die, whether we pay people to hurt animals so we can eat them or whether we pay medical personnel to cut into animals in the name of veterinary care.We decide the fate of animals inside and outside of our direct care.Rescuers and fellow activists make their response to suffering and traumatic events involving animals about themselves.Many rescuers turn medical provisions they’ve chosen for animals in their care into a badge of self expression for how superior their choices they force on non humans are.Suffering and illness of non humans that cross our path is often used as an opportunity to express ones diligence, heroism and emotion.It’s our job to usher the vulnerable to safety and to put ourselves in their places so we may know what is best for them.We can never be 100% right.It’s not our job to express on social media and to whoever will listen, how much money we spend on forcing invasive, reactive and unnecessary medical interventions on non humans (more extreme cases come with less experienced caretakers). It’s our job to listen to them and be of service to them.Ask yourself, if you were in dire need for medical care, would you want ER staff to express their feelings to the public and social media with tears or fury or would you rather them just do their job? #me#wimpy#chickens#healthcare#selfcentered#nothelping#allaboutme#vivisection#vegan#govegan#humble#behumble#helpful#crying#liberation#servicetoothers#removeyourself#roostersanctuary

Chase Henny (@chasehenny) Instagram Profile Photochasehenny

Chase Henny

Facts #RemoveYourself ️ 1670800179479243824
nicholasdud (@nico__milano) Instagram Profile Photonico__milano


Never expected to snowboard, sled, and fall down a 1669930303950344099

Never expected to snowboard, sled, and fall down a ski mountain all in the same weekend.. S/o @brockosauce808for making it happen! #tahoelivin#thankyouchef#spincycle#rushemrowds