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No! Clothing Co. (@no_clothing_company) Instagram Profile Photo no_clothing_company

No! Clothing Co.

Instagram Image by No! Clothing Co. (@no_clothing_company) with caption : "#Repost @feminism.activism ・・・
keep pushing through :) ________________________________________________________#feminist" at Chicago, Illinois - 1697941689812759775

@feminism.activism ・・・ keep pushing through :) ________________________________________________________ #resist

Arsidez León (@arsidez_leon) Instagram Profile Photo arsidez_leon

Arsidez León

image by Arsidez León (@arsidez_leon) with caption : "Imagine a state with no hate—a state filled with love and legislation that provides equality across the state. Im proud " - 1697941591330438270
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Imagine a state with no hate—a state filled with love and legislation that provides equality across the state. Im proud to be queer! I’m proud to be brown! And I’m proud to say that I’ll be fighting along side our community with organizations like @equalitync to create a fair, just, equal and loving North Carolina this year. #RESIST

sara Jane (@sarajane_a) Instagram Profile Photo sarajane_a

sara Jane

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Beautiful day to celebrate the power of the V🌷💓 #resist

lgbt_history (@lgbt_history) Instagram Profile Photo lgbt_history


image by lgbt_history (@lgbt_history) with caption : "Elaine Noble (b. January 22, 1944), c. 1977. Photo c/o @onearchives.
Elaine Noble, who turns seventy-four today, is an" - 1697941209370966919
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Elaine Noble (b. January 22, 1944), c. 1977. Photo c/o @onearchives. . Elaine Noble, who turns seventy-four today, is an American teacher, activist, and politician who served in the Massachusetts House of Representatives for two terms. . On November 5, 1974, Noble, an open and politically active lesbian, was elected to represent Boston’s Fenway and Back Bay neighborhoods, making her the first openly queer candidate elected to a state-level office in the United States. (Kathy Kozachenko, who served on the city council of Ann Arbor, Michigan, was the first openly LGBT person to be elected overall in the U.S.; Kozachenko’s predecessors, Nancy Weschler and Jerry DeGrieck were the first openly LGBT people to serve as elected officials, having come out while in office but not before being elected.) . While Noble won with 59% of the vote, her first campaign was exceedingly ugly: she was barraged with threats, her tires were slashed, her windows shot in, and her campaign headquarters were vandalized a number of times. . Noble, who, at the time of her election, was partnered with pioneering writer and activist Rita Mae Brown, worked to avoid being typecast as a single issue candidate and official; on election night, for example, when asked what her victory meant to her, she replied simply: “It means I have a job.” . Noble served two terms before redistricting would have forced her to run against her friend Barney Frank; she declined to enter the race and eventually left public life. . Elaine Noble is retired and living with her partner in the Florida panhandle. #Resist

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Another year of at the ✊ In 2018 I plan to harness my inner feminine badass — what better archetype than the ? ✨🔮💀🌙🖤✨ #resist

Asa Daivon McCoy (@thefifthproxy) Instagram Profile Photo thefifthproxy

Asa Daivon McCoy

image by Asa Daivon McCoy (@thefifthproxy) with caption : "#Repost @killuminatiphil360truth with @get_repost
@Regranned from @the.decadent.socialist -  This government is dysf" - 1697939848226171285
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@killuminatiphil360truth with @get_repost ・・・ @Regranned from @the.decadent.socialist - This government is dysfunctional and everyone is just playing political games. This shutdown it's all about two things, the Dems making a power play and Mitch McConnell covering Trump's ass. The Schumer and the Dems know that Trump has no intention of passing a DACA bill and are using every ounce of leverage they have right now, so yes they are holding the country hostage for the dreamers (not that it's a bad reason). McConnell and Schumer had a DACA agreement three days ago, Trump said no, this all could be over if they would just pass it with the DACA deal but McConnell doesn't want his party paying the price for Trump doing something crazy like veto the funding bill. So Trump's lap dog won't let it come to the floor and blames everything on Schumer, now he sits and waits to be petted and called a good boy.          #resist