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Gyuhyeon Kim


Seafood soup-이동 어미가란 집이 예전에 있다가청마루로 바뀌었는데다른 어미가가 있네맛은 좋은데 천장에서 물 떨어지고서비스로 굴 주셨는데 겨수님은 굴을 싫어하심ㅋ..

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Ms. Ebony

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Patagonia Mussel

There are so many good reasons to make mussels a p 1670848059607891827
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Sea food lunch in Chiba which is the neighbor prefecture of Tokyo. It takes around 1 hour by car. #seafood#シーフード#食べ放題#あわび

One of my absolute favourite things in the world # 1670807558770941472

One of my absolute favourite things in the world #hairycrab#seafood#crabpickingseason#大闸蟹