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Beyond Words Therapy (@beyondwordstherapy) Instagram Profile Photobeyondwordstherapy

Beyond Words Therapy

ELF ON THE SHELFThis year my 2;7 year old was gi 1671572317628478743

ELF ON THE SHELFThis year my 2;7 year old was gifted an "Elf on the Shelf", so I have taken the challenge upon myself to set up little scenarios for the Elf in the week leading up to Christmas.I didn't think I would be excited by the "Elf on the Shelf" craze but then I began thinking about all the fun the Elf can bring and the endless opportunities to develop my child's language skills. For example, the Elf on the Shelf can help your child to answer “wh” questions, learn sequencing skills and prepositions, tell stories, build prediction and reasoning skills, and work on recall and memory skills.Stay tuned over the next week to find out what our Elf gets up to and how you can use your Elf to help develop your childs language skills.

claufresearch sciNP fieldbook (@claufresearch) Instagram Profile Photoclaufresearch

claufresearch sciNP fieldbook

"#World #first: #continuous #DNA #sequence of #mor 1671436921586258243

"#world#first : #continuous#dna#sequenceof #more#thana #million#bases#achieved#with#nanopore#sequencing .Fri 15th December 2017The first >1Mb DNA sequence (more than a million DNA bases in one continuous sequence) has been achieved using Oxford Nanopore sequencing technology, a landmark in the history of DNA sequencing.Martin Smith, a researcher at the Kinghorn Centre for Clinical Genomics (at the Garvan Institute, Australia), has sequenced the first single fragment of DNA greater than 1Mb.  The analogy used today by researchers is: if a nanopore was the size of a fist, a 1MB strand of DNA passing through that nanopore would be 3.2km long (credit Adam Philippy). The read, from Chromosome 19, is 1.015 Mb in length and the alignment co-ordinates are: chr19  55982604 57017360e4f54091-8303-4643-8e5d-e07bfa1ef17360 - chr19  57018389 57021968e4f54091-8303-4643-8e5d-e07bfa1ef1731The read ID is e4f54091-8303-4643-8e5d-e07bfa1ef173. It is available online here.The method used the open RAD003 protocol provided by Nick Loman and Josh Quick, which can be foundhere: long reads, and why ultra-long reads?Traditional short-read DNA sequencing technologies may provide data that is harder to assemble into a complete genome or dataset, like a jigsaw puzzle made from a large number of small pieces.Nanopore sequencing is dependent on sample preparation, sequencing the fragment that is prepared. Researchers are now routinely sequencing fragments of 10s or 100s kb.With long reads, and even more so with ultra-long reads that are 100s of kb long, it is easier to assemble genomes.  For more information, read this white paper on genome assembly (registration may be required). With long reads, it is also possible to span tricky regions or even characterise regions that have not been sequenced.  It is estimated that ~8% of the human genome remains unsequenced (1). For a flavour of the use of nanopore sequencing for this purpose, watch Karen Miga’s talk on spanning the centromere, review these human genome assemblies from the nanopore consortium and Wigard Kloosterman, or review other papers that make use of nanopore long reads..."

Sofia Koseoglou (@chokoseoglou) Instagram Profile Photochokoseoglou

Sofia Koseoglou

Πρέπει να έρθω για δουλειά μου είπανε,τελείωσε η 1616754450231688066

Πρέπει να έρθω για δουλειά μου είπανε,τελείωσε η άδεια μου είπανε...#πνοη_υμηττου#speechtherapy#speechroom#logotherapy#logotherapist#sequencing

Michael Bridge-Dickson (@sensasana) Instagram Profile Photosensasana

Michael Bridge-Dickson

What’s this?Find out today and tomorrow at Chart 1671246031511416007

What’s this?Find out today and tomorrow at Charting Paths — creative and effective sequencing at @naadayogaOr order Charting Paths, a sequence planner for teachers and home practitioners — a great companion to Yoga: Point + Process and Process Unpacked. All available at

My Story Stones Rock (@my_story_stones_rock) Instagram Profile Photomy_story_stones_rock

My Story Stones Rock

Meet Lydia... When Lydia's parents pass away, to h 1671173551329373330

Meet Lydia... When Lydia's parents pass away, to her wicked aunt's, she goes to stay.The house is dark, cold and bare, the garden overgrown and without care.Lydia decides to make things right, by growing flowers, tall and bright!Beautifully written story by Joseph Hopkins @jhopkins_authorYou guys best get in quick to order a copy before Christmas!! (I’ve heard that Amazon Prime is super efficient ) Special collaboration between myself and Joe coming in the new year#storystones#lydiagreenfingers#mystorystonesrock#josephhopkins#storytelling#sequencing#storytime#collaboration#reading#writing#illustration#rhymetime#greenfingers#childrensbooks#childrensillustration#amazonprime#christmasshopping#shoppinggift#cutestory#mademecry#inagoodway#touching#lovedit#preschooler#educational#education#wahm#sahm

Juli 💫 (@juliiyoga) Instagram Profile Photojuliiyoga

Juli 💫

With all my . 1671128966045743767
Bali, IndonesiaReportShareDownload11122

With all my .