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Yesterday 5 security forces soldiers were killed by #aqapmilitants near #ataqcity, #shabwaprovince.

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The Gulf Today

The Emirates Red Crescent (ERC), has continued dis 1657883788133689974

The Emirates Red Crescent (ERC), has continued distributing humanitarian and relief assistance to needy and underprivileged families in Shabwa Governorate, Yemen, as part of the UAE’s support for the people of the country and to improve their living and economic conditions.The ERC on Monday distributed 2,500 food baskets to the people of the Hatib district in Shabwa, to ease the burden on local families, in light of the harsh economic conditions witnessed by the country, as a result of Houthi militias' attacks.Officials in Hatib praised the ERC’s role in improving essential local services, as well as for providing relief convoys to the people of the various districts of Shabwa, emphasising that the UAE regularly and continuously offers considerable amounts of humanitarian assistance to Shabwa and all liberated Yemeni governorates, to restore their normal living conditions.The UAE has launched, through its humanitarian arm, the ERC, a series of relief, humanitarian and development projects, to restore some of the damage caused by the Houthi militias in Shabwa.#uae#instaue#emirates#redcrescent#shabwa#unitedarabemirates#emiratesrc#instagram#instagrammer#instagrammers#instagrammersgallery#houthi#yemeni#arab#charity#distribution#relief#humanitarian#myuae@emiratesrc

#ABD’ye ait bir SİHA, #Yemen’in #Shabwa bölgesinde 1656507496700683957

#abd ’ye ait bir SİHA, #yemen ’in #shabwabölgesinde #alqaide ’ye bağlı 7 Teröristi öldürdü.

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#The_Emirates_Red_Crescent, #ERC, has provided sev 1653020713895674811

#the_emirates_red_crescent , #erc , has provided several haemodialysis centres in the Mayfa'a district with supplies of fuel, to ensure the continuity of their operations to treat dialysis patients. A truck carrying 36,000 litres of diesel was used to supply the centres with the necessary fuel.#mohammed_saif_al_muhairi , Head of ERC Team in #shabwa , said that this support is in response to the needs of the dialysis centres, highlighting the desire of the #uaeto support the Yemeni people.He added that the fuel shipment is part of a multi-stage process to support haemodialysis centres in #yemen , which included providing shipments of medicines during the previous stage.Al Muhairi also emphasised the keenness of the #uae , represented by the #erc , to develop the health sector in Shabwa, including by supporting haemodialysis centres that perform the crucial role in treating dialysis patients.#uae#sharjah#sharjah24#الإمارات#الشارقة#الشارقة24

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Alhamdulillah. It's a great blessing to be your te 1637450295843160723

Alhamdulillah. It's a great blessing to be your teacherLove You all# Mentoes for cough#flowerto please me# Sweet memory# forever to remember#sharaa # Leena#malsa #shabwa #iyaasha #meeza #shafa #umama #

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علي آل خليفـﮧ'

#شبوةأطفال لايستطيعون الحصول على حق التعليم بسبب سوء الوسائل المتاحة.هذه الصور لمدرسة امهشيشة الابتدائية في منطقة امحدانبمديرية حطيب بشبوة والتي تبعد عن مركز المحافظة مسافة 5 ساعات تقريبا.وهي عبارة عن "عشة" فيها ثلاثة فصول ابتدائي يتعلم فيها لايقل عن 60 طالبا وطالبة من اطفال منطقة امحدان - مديرية حطيب - شبوة جنوب اليمن .يوجد في هذه المدرسة لايقل عن ثلاثة معلمين متطوعين من ابناء المنطقة وليسوا موظفين ولا متعاقدين مع مكتب التربية والتعليم؛ يكافح ابناء هذه المديرية اليتيمة والمغيبة عن العالم من اجل عدم حرمان اطفالهم احقية التعليم ومكافحة الجهل المتفشي في ربوع مجتمعهم .هذا النداء نوجهه إلى رجال الخير والإنسانية اهالي الضمير الحية .. انقذوا اجيال محافظة شبوة الذين يحرمون من التعليم بسبب عدم وصول المساعدات الانسانية الى مناطقهم.. لابد من صحوة لضمائرنا تجاة تلك المعاناة ومناصرتها بكل الوسائل المتاحة ولو بالترويج عنها حتى تصل الى الجهات المعنية المسؤولة عن تنفيذ مشاريع البنى التحتية في البلد..يجب مناصرة قضايا التعليم ودعم المجتمعات الفقيرة .الرجاء مشاركة المنشور.#shabwaChildren can not get the right to education due to poor means available.These images of the primary school of Amhishisha in the area of ​​Amhdan Directorate of Hattip Bshbwa, which is away from the center of the province about 5 hours.It is a "ranch" in which three elementary classes are attended by at least 60 students from the children of the area of ​​Hamdan - Directorate of Hatab - Shabwa in southern Yemen.There are at least three volunteer teachers from the region who are neither employees nor contractors with the Education Bureau. The children of this orphaned and orphaned administration are struggling to prevent their children from being denied the right to education and to combat ignorance in their society.This appeal to the people of good and humanity, the people of conscience living .. Save the generations of Shabwa, who are deprived of education because of the lack of access to humanitarian aid to their areas .. We must awaken to our conscience in the face of that suffering and support by all available means, even promoted by reaching the relevant authorities responsible for Implementation of infrastructure projects in th#اطفال_اليمن#التعليم#اليونسيف#شبوة#حطيب#اليمن

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Speaking on the occasion, #Mohammed_Saif_Al_Muhair 1633967211307415981

Speaking on the occasion, #mohammed_saif_al_muhairi , Head of the ERC team in #shabwa , said that the latest food distribution in Rudum is part of the second phase of the food aid project in the area. He added that the first phase began earlier this year in the framework of a series of humanitarian campaigns carried out by the authority to alleviate the suffering of the population affected by the severe economic crisis.#al_muhairiexplained that the ERC is particularly focusing on reaching the poorest segments and those who lack the most basic living requirements. "The authority will continue distributing food aid in other districts of the province to ensure that the most basic standards of food security are met," he said.#uae#sharjah#sharjah24#الإمارات #الشارقة #الشارقة24

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Saudi Efforts Platform


‪KSRelief continues to implement theirproject to combat malnutrition of children in Naseeb governate in #shabwa#saudihumanitarianefforts