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Eliza🌻Harry Potter✨D&P🎉 (@siriusly.phan) Instagram Profile Photosiriusly.phan

Eliza🌻Harry Potter✨D&P🎉


And then he starts to get interested in other muggles instruments. He comes in one day with a trumpet, the next with a flute - but he has no bloody idea how to actually use any of them. He tries to use the flute like a clarinet, can hardly make a noise out of the trumpet (and ends up just amplifying it with music and pretending to play so that his pride isn't hurt) Eventually, he learns how to play multiple instruments and starts the first marching band, but like Wood, most of them are utter shit (other than the muggle borns) so for months all that can be heard from the gryffindor common room is what sounds like cats being murdered. After a while (with a lot of help from the muggle borns) they can actually play half decently and play before each quidditch match. This band continues to grow each year, eventually becoming a safe space for all Hogwarts students to create friends and learn more about muggle music. (Ron shows his dad and Arthur is beyond delighted and even has a crack at the instruments himself)


Not political. But I have a lot of pictures on my phone that is just nick cages face. Idk why#meme#shitpost#nicholascage#nicholascagememe#memes