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David Tallents (@soberandalive) Instagram Profile Photosoberandalive

David Tallents

1 year Sober today. I just wanted to say thank-you 1666665061705642281

1 year Sober today. I just wanted to say thank-you to everyone on Instagram wherever you are in the worldfor all your motivation and support over the last year. It's been emotional. Here's to many more years. #sendingbighugs#sobriety#soberandalive#soberlifeisthebestlife

Nick Lopez (@nicklopeznick) Instagram Profile Photonicklopeznick

Nick Lopez

I don’t know what I did to have such good friends1664950160151455557

I don’t know what I did to have such good friends@missmelissalynnwhen @dannielle_deeintroduced me to you I had no clue what to expect. over the course of friendship you’ve seen me struggle in the worst ways possible. I remember sitting in your office crying “let me go”. I’m so thankful you never did (as much as I was kicking and screaming ️). losing her was one of the toughest things imaginable, it still is. we have our days where we call each other in the midst of a rough day, always able to bring each other out of it. through the storm a relationship like no other was built. we talk at least once a week, we are regular bg roller coaster feens, you were next to me when I picked up my 1 year, and so many other little steps. I am grateful God gave me a friend like youand I’m so excited and blessed to be able to witness something like this. love you foreveroh and I’m happy I got you hooked on OTF#friendshipgoals#friends#bestiefortherestie#loveyou#happybubble#samhasafresineupthough#youveheardallmywarstories#evenwhenyoudidntwantto#yolo#grateful#sobriety#soberlifeisthebestlife#recovery#godisgood#whatisyoudoin#imgonnauglycry#noreally#getready#imalreadytearingup#losingit#proudofyou

Amy Elizabeth (@lilysmama16) Instagram Profile Photolilysmama16

Amy Elizabeth

Nick and I have begun a new night time ritual that 1663253020938120146

Nick and I have begun a new night time ritual that helps us end the day on a positive and uplifting note. We each say 10 things we are grateful for. Each day we are to think about all of the people, places and things that fill us with a sense of joy and accomplishment and then at the end of the day we take turns listing what we came up with. So far, Mine have been the same. The top four being my daughter, my fiancé, the health of my family and my sobriety. All of these are the foundation of my identity and what is most important to me and my purpose to live a purposeful life. This holiday season isn't so much about "what I want" rather than focusing on everything I have and how overwhelmingly grateful I am for all of it.#gratitudeisthekeytohappiness#soberlifeisthebestlife

Candice Powers (@candice.521) Instagram Profile Photocandice.521

Candice Powers

 Throwback ThursdayI gotta tell you about this1659961155416202459

Throwback ThursdayI gotta tell you about this picture... It is by far my most favorite EVER taken.It is a perfect example of how my love for my boys made me glow in the darkest part of my life.Its my reminder of where I never want to be again.A very bitter sweet memory.You see this was taken at Easter 2013. I was literally trying to keep my life together from the outside while every part of my life was falling apart. Which it did about a month later... My addiction to meth had taken over and I hated myself. I wanted to get better but I had no idea how.I was terrified that I would lose my perfect gifts from God. I was in constant turmoil.I did the bravest thing I could do and told my family I needed help... to say the least that didn't go very well... my husband's family however did help. They weren't happy with me but they still made sure I got where I needed to be.It's been almost 5 years since this was taken and almost 3 1/2 years since I relapsed. Its part of my story.I'm not proud of it. But I am so thankful for it. It showed me what was truly important.For the past 11 months I have made it my goal to become the best person and mother I can possibly be. I pray (alot), I read positive and uplifting books, workout, eat healthy and I live every day being thankful for my second chance at life.Life isn't perfect because I got clean but my life is pretty awesome. I still deal with heartbreak. I still struggle with anxiety. I still deal with my childhood abuse and many other life issues but I now have the tools to handle all that life throws at me without having to numb myself. That is the gift of recovery.I know so many people struggling with addiction and it breaks my heart that some people may never know how wonderful and amazing life can truly be.So if you're struggling and need someone please reach out.Talk to someone! You are not alone.

Olivia Violet (@helloviolet31) Instagram Profile Photohelloviolet31

Olivia Violet

Found the secret swing today with my niece and sis 1653252100090772861
Secret SwingsReportShareDownload9155

Found the secret swing today with my niece and sister. We had way too much fun on this thing and you can’t beat that view! #secretswingslajolla#secretswings#lajollaca#californiacoast#laughingnonstop#soberlifeisthebestlife#adventureawaits#alwaysexploring#staycurious#californialovin#treeswing

Glenn Beck (@fatanarchist) Instagram Profile Photofatanarchist

Glenn Beck

1st time going out in 12 weeks#soberlifeisthebes 1650396382433791161

1st time going out in 12 weeks#soberlifeisthebestlife

Brian Siple (@the12disiples) Instagram Profile Photothe12disiples

Brian Siple

Time is honestly flying by it feels like I just go 1648281311461118625

Time is honestly flying by it feels like I just got my 7 month chip but now it’s on to the 8th month chip! I just want to thank everyone for supporting me in my journey throughout life. If it weren’t for my family, friends, and my AA group I wouldn’t have made it this far. I swear god is looking out for me and gives me tests because I had a buddy who didn’t know I didn’t drink at a party offer me a beer and instantly I said “No”. I’ve been through a lot in the past couple of months but picking up again honestly hasn’t crossed my mind. I am truly blessed that I can say I am 8 months sober of drugs and alcohol. #blessed#godsgift#thankful#nowords#soberlifeisthebestlife

Vcrook1331 (@vcrook1331) Instagram Profile Photovcrook1331


God, I ask for you to keep me sober for the next 2 1648055068890835575

God, I ask for you to keep me sober for the next 24 hours. I thank you for a sober mind, and for a chance and life again.#justfortoday#soberlifeisthebestlife#sobersinner