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Steven Atkinson

Always remember to keep track of the date you chan 1669701572480726827

Always remember to keep track of the date you change cartridges or replace a respirator. I keep a log and also write it on my cartridges. Depending on the manufacture they should have a 3-6 month life when stored properly once opened, BUT if being used daily the life could be as short as a couple weeks possibly less depending on the environmentthey are used in. I change mine ever 4 weeks sometimes sooner, I also change the pre filters (particulate filters) daily sometimes twice a day depending on what material I am spraying. I also use 3 different respirators (half face, full face and a PAPR system depending on what I am spraying) so the life of my filters may be a little longer than someone using only one type of respirator. #staysafe#3m#3mcollision#bodyshop#collisionrepair#iwata#sata#ppg#akzonobel#axalta

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My @blackbrandmc #DECEPTORBOOTS are always ready f 1669700785192431798

My @blackbrandmc#deceptorbootsare always ready for the ride!! even when your bike is not 🤷‍️🤦‍️🤣 #blackbrandmc#ftw#ohcapproved#lookgood#staysafe

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The Bark Club

We are still open today despite this snowy weather 1669696186893717160

We are still open today despite this snowy weather. Please let us know if you cannot make your appointment and we will work with you to reschedule! For those still coming, we have The Original Dirty Dog Mat to soak up yours and your pups snowy and wet feet! Did you know @d.gspetproductsare headquartered in Norwalk, CT too?! We love to #supportlocal️️️ #staysafe#staywarm

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Esme's Buttons - Hand Stamped

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Marine Agency

'Tis the season for decor Keep your home and famil 1669696902457135601

'Tis the season for decor Keep your home and family safe with our holiday lighting safety tips. Click the link in our bio to read the blog.

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Theresa De Silva

Merry Christmas everyone ! Our forum #eobond wishi 1669689909948134060

Merry Christmas everyone ! Our forum #eobondwishing you the best Christmas ever !#grinchmasChristmas #staysafe#drinkwisely

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Krav Maga San Francisco


New 6 Week Krav Maga Challenge!This January, in 6 weeks of intensive training you can learn the basics of Krav Maga in a small group with personal attention. However, “basic” does not mean easy. Not only will you learn self defense skills, you’ll get a great workout. Krav Maga classes are high energy, fast paced, and fun! When you’re done, enjoy an additional free month of classes!January 15th - February 23rd, 2018Monday, Wednesday, and Friday Evenings5:30 pm to 6:30 pm or 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm

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Meaghan Scott


Even though it’s only 2* outside today... it’s all cozy warm and full of love inside ️

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LGBT Hella Fellas

As i said, we've always been around - 1669687242723693921

As i said, we've always been around -

Idk what is worse, the noise the heater makes now1669665820082356701

Idk what is worse, the noise the heater makes now in Winter or the noise the AC makes in the Summer🤨🧐🤔 ... both pretty horrible to me#easyheadaches#newyorkerproblems#nycweather#staysafe#winter#cold#heater#snow